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Top 20 Companies that Offer English Speaking Jobs in NRW

May 19, 2016

Your tasks: Finding a flat, meeting friends, registering in Germany, buying your furniture and finding a job. Ahhh, let’s get started. Here’s our list of the top 20 companies that offer English speaking jobs in NRW. If you’ve read Tali Lichtenfeld‘s last post about “5 Tips to Creating a German Style Resume“, you’ll already be well aware of this tip from her:

Many try to impress the potential employer by having a local friend translate their resume. DON’T do that!


So what do you do?

There are plenty of international businesses in Düsseldorf and it’s only going to continue to grow! Tali Lichtenfeld, experienced recruiter and career coach in Germany, is back again to give us a list of 20 companies that hire English Speakers in NRW.

English Jobs in NRW This blog post may include an affiliate link or two. Our partners have been hand-selected based on brands and services that we personally use. If we make a few extra Euros, we invest the earnings into building the platform to bring you better content and more amazing opportunities.

If you’re looking for a list of websites where you can find English language opportunities, be sure to check out our post: The Best Online Platforms to Find Jobs in Düsseldorf.

Our biggest tip would be to search “Düsseldorf” as the location and type in “English” in the job search. This will give you multiple options for English language jobs in the city. We find most of our job opportunities that we share with you on Joblift.de and JobScout24!

As I advise my clients: If your German is not yet good enough or you would just rather work in an international, open and tolerant environment – simply focus on the English speaking jobs in NRW, there are plenty! Here’s just a partial list of companies who hire English speakers, to give you a starting point:

1. 3M

Based in Neuss, 3M distributes and sells industrial, electronic, medical and communication technology products

2. Toshiba 

Based in Neuss, manufactures power semiconductor solutions in the electronic industry

3. Sony

Based in Dusseldorf, Sony is a producer, distributer and service provider of electronic products

4. Ubisoft Blue Byte

Based in Dusseldorf, Blue Byte is a video game developer and publisher

5. RWE 

With various locations in NRW, RWE is in the energy business

6. EON 

With various locations in NRW, EON is also in the energy business

7. Uniper 

With various locations in NRW, Uniper is an energy company

8. Metro

Based in Dusseldorf, it’s a retail and wholesale company

9. Amazon 

Located in Rheinberg, I don’t need to tell you what amazon is doing right?

10. Henkel 

With locations in Dusseldorf and in Viersen, Henkel is in the beauty business

11. Sitel

With the German headquarters in Dusseldorf and another branch in Krefeld, Sitel deals with Business outsourcing solutions (BPO, CRM) for their customers

12. Ericsson 

Based in Dusseldorf, Ericsson is an electronics and communication business

13. Trivago 

Based in Dusseldorf, Trivago is one of the largest online hotel search engine

14. Schenker 

With various locations in NRW, Schenker is a global transport and logistics provider

15. Bayer

With various locations in NRW, Bayer is a pharmaceutical company

16. Esprit 

Located in Ratingen, in the fashion business

17. C&A 

Located in Dusseldorf, also in the fashion business

18. Johnson controls

Located in Neuss, it is an Automotive company

19. Consulting firms

Such as Boston Consulting Group and Deloitte

20. International kindergartens and schools

Such as Villaluna Kindergarten, ISR School in Neuss, ISD in Dusseldorf Kaiserswerth, and there are more…

Do you know more companies that offer English speaking jobs in NRW? Please share with us!

Struggling with integrating into the German job market? Contact Tali to set your free introduction meeting and find out how coaching can support you! 

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  1. Reply


    May 19, 2016

    If you’re a native English speaker who would like to work from home for an Australian based company, I’ll be happy to assist you as the 21th offer of that list above ;-). Simply drop me a line over marsarts01@yahoo.de and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible… Thanks!

  2. Reply

    Viola Schütte

    May 19, 2016

    I work for the Swedish company me&i on a part time basis. Since nearly no one in Germany speaks Swedish, the head office communicates with us in English.
    Me&i is in the fashion business.

    • Reply

      Jenna Davis

      May 20, 2016

      Awesome comment Viola! Thanks so much for the tip! 🙂

      – Jenna

  3. Reply

    Chris Pyak

    May 20, 2016

    Good overview over the top recruiters in Düsseldorf. My company scans the complete jobmarket in Germany. (Over 40.000 career websites).

    There are about 360 companies in our town that offer English language job offers:

    A word of advise, though. A list like the above – with the top 20 companies – might be less helpfull than you imagine.

    There are 15.000 international citizens moving to Düsseldorf every year. About half (!) of Düsseldorfer”s younger than 45 have an international background. (Circa 300.000)

    As an Expatriates you compete with each one of them for less than 1.000 English job offers in Germany. And of course: You also compete with every German citizen.

    I don’t want you to be disheartened with your jobhunt – but I strongly advise: Apply not only to the “Top 40” companies. For example: Trivago is a client of my company Immigrant Spirit GmbH. They get 40.000 (!) job applications every months!

    If you look a bit down the line: There are awesome companies who get much less applications – you face much less competition.

    PS: Only 3.5% of all job offers in Germany are in English. I made it my business to open up German language companies “one at a time” to hire professionals in English and let them learn German “on the job”.

    • Reply

      Jenna Davis

      May 20, 2016

      Hi there Chris,

      Thanks for your tips on finding English speaking jobs in the market. While I absolutely agree with you (especially about the Trivago point), I believe that some of these larger companies offer a wider range of job opportunities than a smaller company would, and if you’re the top of the crop then there is potential to find a job. On the other hand, what you’re doing with Immigrant Spirit is amazing. I think it takes people like you to open up German companies to considering English speaking candidates. With that being said, I would love to see if we could work on creating a post together that shines light on these smaller organizations too. It’s one thing to try and find a job, it’s another thing to try and convince a German speaking company to hire you as an English speakers, so having something like Immigrant Spirit definitely helps! PS. I found a job at Villa Luna a couple years ago thanks to your site – wonderful place and an awesome group of employees (unfortunately my visa didn’t go the way I planned).



  4. Reply


    May 20, 2016

    BP with locations in Mönchengladbach and Bochum

  5. Reply

    Tia Norstrom

    June 8, 2016


  6. Reply


    February 2, 2018

    Hello, Soon I will move to Germany and probably I will live in Düsseldorf. I will study German first, while I would like to work. What cind of work can I do there?
    I can speak very well English, Spanish, Turkish, and a few German. Thank you
    Ester Braho

    • Reply

      Jenna Davis

      February 2, 2018

      Hi there Ester,

      That is exciting news! While we would love to help you, that is a very broad question. I would say that this post you’ve just commented on would be your best source for information at the moment.

      All the best,


  7. Reply

    Ali afaq

    June 28, 2018

    Dusseldorf schanzenstraBe

  8. Reply

    Marlon Deloso

    August 22, 2018

    I’ve been living in Dusseldorf for about 8 months now. I am still taking my B1 german class and work remotely for an american company in San Francisco but i wanted to look for a job here in. Any recommendation? I was an office manager and i also worked for Gap. Inc.

    • Reply

      Jenna Davis

      August 23, 2018

      Hi there Marlon,

      Congratulations on making it that far! You’re definitely on the right track to finding yourself a great job opportunity in the city. Learning the language first is the best thing you could do!

      Here is a list of awesome websites where you should be able to find some relative jobs to the one you had at the GAP.

      All the best,



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