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How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter in Germany

June 26, 2016

You’re probably well aware that the recruitment in Germany may work differently than in your home country. One of the main differences is the cover letter. 

Tali Lichtenfeld, an experienced…

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Top 20 Companies that Offer English Speaking Jobs in NRW

May 19, 2016

Your tasks: Finding a flat, meeting friends, registering in Germany, buying your furniture and finding a job. Ahhh, let’s get started. Here’s our list of the top 20 companies that…

Finding Jobs Working

5 Tips to Creating a German Style Resume

May 10, 2016

Immigrating to a new country includes numerous challenges. One of the most common aspects is job hunting. Thankfully Tali Lichtenfeld, an experienced recruiter and career coach in Germany is willing to share her…