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Forget language schools, working out in German can be one of the best ways to learn the language! Unfortunately, yoga and pilates can be quite difficult to take part in when you don’t understand the nature of the conversation. I’m sure this goes without explaining, you get it.

If you’re constantly on the lookout for new yoga retreats, meet-ups, pilates classes, and meditation classes, meetup.com is a great place to start. But if you’re looking for an official course/class in Düsseldorf, there are a few English speaking yoga and pilates courses in Düsseldorf that the international community speaks highly of. 

Additionally, there are also some other awesome English speaking sports clubs in Düsseldorf like the Düsseldorf Dragon’s Rugby Club, the American Youth Football Team, and the Düsseldorf Curling Club.

New to Germany and looking for yoga wear? There are a couple favourites among Germans!  OTTO has some amazing deals for yoga wear, and Zalando Lounge is another favourite offering some awesome brand name yoga brands you know and love.



BECYCLE is the newest addition to yoga, Barre, and HIIT studios here in Düsseldorf and the best news? Absolutely ALL of their courses at the moment are taught in English. That means that instead of having one day a week to choose from, you can now attend any and all of their courses.

BECYCLE is located in Stadtmitte.


Relaxation and Yoga Classes at the International English Library

The International English Library is more than just a library, they offer a number of different English courses including Relaxation and Yoga Classes. No experience is necessary to join. The classes run on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings and courses run for 6 weeks ( €40 per course *subject to change*).

The International English Library is located in the Altstadt (right outside of the Heinrich-Heine-Allee underground).



Yogicway is more than just a studio. Liina Puustinen offers Iyengar Yoga classes in English and is quite active on the Meetup Düsseldorf yoga groups. Liina offers private classes, general classes, and workshops throughout the year. My experience with Liina was during a free trial class in the park – wonderful!

Yogicway is located in Oberkassel.


Your Yoga Now

While the website is all in German, it has been said throughout the international community that the teachers do teach English courses. In addition, they also offer aerial classes and massages!

Your Yoga Now is located in Pempelfort.


Yoga Lila

Also an all-German website, but again a highly recommended yoga studio by international residents in the city. Yoga Lila offers the course plan online and all prices.

Yoga Lila is located in Neuss.


Vishnu Vibes

Vishnu Vibes yoga instructors do speak English (as other expats have mentioned) and they offer quite an array of courses. Courses include prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, meditation, aerial yoga, children’s yoga and more.

Vishnu Vibes is located in Pempelfort.  


Jiva Studios

Jiva Studios offers 40 degree Celsius hot yoga. You can also choose to buy a starter package for 5 days for 10 Euros. This is a great way to see if you understand the English instruction and you enjoy the course.

Jiva Studio is located in Flingern.


Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga and offers classes in English. They’ve even got some inspirational packages for purchase including a 100-day yoga challenge which includes a photography shoot of all your poses on the last day.

Bikram Yoga is located in Pempelfort.


My Urban Veda

My Urban Veda is a new and popular yoga studio with a website and courses completely in English. Here you can practice your Vinyasa moves, join a morning yoga class, work on your alignment, or join in on their yoga for athletes courses. 



Yogakitchen’s motto is “cook and bake your body”, and offers a full week’s worth of courses including Hatha-Yoga, Vinyasa, prenatal yoga, baby gymnastics, pilates and more. While most of their courses are hosted in German, on Wednesday nights, Yogakitchen hosts an English Vinyasa yoga class.

Yogakitchen is located in Oberkassel.


Shivas Loft

Shivas Loft now offers a number of different English courses (often on weekends) including back strengthening yoga, sacred flow yoga, tiger playground yoga, and sacred warrior yoga. They also offer yoga retreats around Germany!

Shivas Loft is located in Flingern.


Carmen Mar

Carmen Mar hosts a variety of English language yoga classes at Düsseldorf’s Volkshochschule and throughout the city. You can choose between yogalates, traditional yoga, pilates, and Hatha Flow yoga. For a list of weekly classes, you can visit the Volkshochschule website.

Many of Carmen Mar’s courses are located in Carlstadt, for other classes, check her website.


Geri Yoga

Geri teaches in studios, hosts company/business yoga courses, and also runs private classes. To find a list of her location partners and courses, you can visit her Facebook page.


Pilates am Zoo

Pilates am Zoo currently hosts English classes on Monday evenings and offers an array of different classes including their new Australian form of pilates, HIIT pilates, traditional pilates, and corporate pilates. Their HIIT pilates and traditional pilates classes were developed by an Australian osteopath and classes have a maximum of 5 participants.

Pilates am Zoo is located in Flingern.



A number of PilatesZeit yoga and pilates courses are also taught in English. For more information, you can contact the studio to ask for an updated schedule on when the English courses will be taking place.

PilatesZeit is located in Stadtmitte and at the Düsseldorf Airport.


Yogic Space

Yogic Space offers yoga classes entirely in the English language. They offer a number of different courses for both beginners and advanced yogis including Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin & Yang Yoga, and guided meditation. You can book your sessions online too!

Yogic Space is located in Bilk.


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