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When tulip season rounds the bend, many of us immediately think Holland, Keukenhof, and day trips to the Netherlands. But what many of you don’t know is that we have our own amazing tulip oasis right outside of Düsseldorf! 

Good news to all of you who are tulips fans or merely beauty adorers! There’s no need to cross borders for that! In 15 minutes you’ll arrive at the beautiful Tulpenhof Francken, you can enjoy multicolor fields of tulips, grown by the Francken family. The fields have spread just alongside A46 (or a bit further depending on where their crop is each season), near Kapellen, Grevenbroich.

You are able to access the tulip fields to take photos, but please respect the Francken family and follow the rules laid out at the beginning of every field.

UPDATE: As alerted by the public, Tulpenhof Francken has just been taped off for visitors to roam the fields due to COVID-19. You can still see the tulips from further back, and you can still purchase tulips. 


How long will your trip to Tulpenhof Francken take?

There are numerous large fields which are easy to walk around – it’ll take you an hour or two to explore them all (depending on the number of photo stops you’re planning to make, of course!).

Tulip Düsseldorf
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You can purchase tulips at the trailer shop (for awesome prices)

There’s also a small trailer shop where you can buy the flowers (might be closed on Sundays and holidays) – this way you both bring a bit of this beauty back home with you and support the local farmers. You can also send them an e-mail or call for the order.

Tulips near Düsseldorf
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While roaming the fields is a beautiful experience, the family lovingly offers it free of charge. Buying their tulips for your friends and family, and supporting them online is a great way to say thanks! 

The place is ‘open’ all day long, although my favorite time is late afternoon – then, the shades and colors of the day are playing best for the great shots. And – there are fewer people – double benefit nowadays. There are also quite a few professional photographers coming for the shootings, and it feels a bit like the cinema festival opening – nicely dressed models on the red carpet made of flowers. 

Tulip Fields Düsseldorf
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So, to get yourself to your red carpet this spring… here’s the location you’ll need to pinpoint on the map. NOTE: It is best to simply google “Tulpenfeld Grevenbroich 2021” (or change the year when required) and the exact location for that season will pop up. 

If you’d like to send some love back home, but home is too far to bring tulips – you can also order them online on awesome websites like Blumen2000.

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