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Ready to test your luck at Bowling in Düsseldorf? While there are many sports and clubs you can join in Düsseldorf, bowling is something that can often be fun for the whole family (a great option for birthday parties too).

What a lot of English speakers don’t know is that there are quite a few bowling lanes open in Düsseldorf, there’s just a difference between your classic “bowling” and the commonly used German phrase “Kegeln”.

While many Germans may tell you it’s the same thing, others will often tell you that one is in a bowling hall, and the other is in the basement of the German-style bars. While this is true, the real difference is actually that:

  • Bowling lanes are often shorter (by about one meter) and thinner than the “Kegelbahnen”
  • There are 10 pins in bowling and 9 pins in Kegeln (bowling pins are also taller and lighter)
  • The bowling balls for bowling can be much heavier than for Kegeln
  • The marking lines of the lanes are actually different too (but let’s not get into that here)

Assuming most of you here are looking for a larger bowling alley that’s also safe for the kids to be, here are a few bowling lanes open to the public or ready for your next special event.

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There are a variety of other bowling centers around Düsseldorf, but if you’re looking for one directly in the city, here are your options:


Bowling World Düsseldorf

As Bowling World says, make your strike in Düsseldorf. Bowling World Düsseldorf is a massive 2,072 square meter space offering 16 bowling alleys, 10 billiard tables, 2 dart machines, a lounge area, a restaurant, a party room and multiple gaming machines. You’ll find free wifi around the entire complex as well.

Bowling World Düsseldorf recommend their services for your next children’s birthday, bachelor party or special event.

Address: Werdener Str. 87, 40233 Düsseldorf

Visit their website for more information. 

Bowling in Dusseldorf
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Cosmo Sports

Cosmo Sports is more than just bowling, it’s an indoor play center offering a fitness center, indoor soccer fields, tennis, squash, golf, rock climbing, darts and more. However, if you’re interested in testing out your luck at bowling, they at 26 bowling lanes, various party rental opportunities, and an open restaurant (yes, with free Wifi).

Address: Diepenstraße 83, 40625 Düsseldorf
Visit their website for more information. 

Bowling in Dusseldorf
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Bowling Sportzentrum Düsseldorf

Whether you’re a pro bowler or someone who just wants to find something fun to do on a night out, the Bowling Sportzentrum is a club open for all. They are open to school clubs, party rentals and small groups. You can come in and book one game for 3 Euro (always subject to change) or play the entire night. They have a club shop, a breakfast buffet and many other things to keep you busy during your visit.

Address: Wimpfener Str. 18A, 40597 Düsseldorf

Visit their website for more information. 

Bowling in Dusseldorf
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Still curious about the Kegelbahnen in Düsseldorf?

If you’d like to test out your skills at the Kegelbahn, there are a number still offered around Düsseldorf, of course, often in the basement of the typical German bars.

Note: Some of the Kegelbahnen are only open to club members, so you could either ask to test it out to see if you like it before you join, or go ahead and join a club right away. You can ask the staff at the bars for more information. 

Here is a list of just a few:

  • Im Goldenen Ring (Altstadt): This is a popular bar in the Altstadt of the city, so if you’re in the area, stop in and ask if you can join in a game.
  • Antoniushof (Friedrichstadt): Along Kirchfeldstrasse in Friedrichstadt, you will find Antoniushof. Here you can make an appointment to play with your club or friends.
  • Zum goldenen Fass (Flingern): Reviewers of this bar say it’s a great place to play with your friends, I’ll let you decide!
  • Gaststätte Geissel (Bilk): Did you know that this stylish and popular bar in Bilk also offers Kegeln? You can book the room for events too!

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