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The Best of Unterbilk, Düsseldorf

March 2, 2016

So I’ve been doing a little Unterbilk research while I’ve taken a short break from travelling the world. I have recently settled into my new apartment that is situated within Unterbilk, Düsseldorf and while in an attempt to discover my new home town, I quickly realized there is a lack of content on the web for English speakers in the area.

With that being said, it’s my intention to use this series ‘The Best Of…’ as a way to get to know my new home better and help out foreigners and locals along the way.

So, after a couple months of settling in, I’ve had ample opportunity to get out and explore the different cuisine, shops, nature and architecture that Unterbilk, Düsseldorf has to offer.


You see the red highlighted portion? That’s Unterbilk!

Food in Unterbilk

Nudel Quelle

I think I eat Nudel Quelle more often than I actually cook my own meals lately. For less than 7 or 8 EUR you can get a huge bowl of fresh hand made tagliatelle with delicious toppings (my favourite – gorgonzola, spinach, mushrooms, garlic and cream sauce)!

MY Gemüse Doner

This place use to be a little secret hidden behind the big box stores of Bilk Arcaden, but has recently been one of the most popular doner shops in the city. Their well known for their vegan and vegetarian doners – my favourite is their deep fried veggies and chicken wrap.

Papa Young Korean Soul Food

A short walk from my place and absolutely delicious Korean cuisine. This place has quite the social atmosphere and isn’t to hard on your wallet!

Pizzeria Uscana

Right across from the Bilker Kirche is Pizzeria Uscana. It’s not been easy finding a pizza shop in the city that beats out my beloved Bella Italia back in Freiburg, but I’m off to explore Uscana next! (I’ve heard it’s amazing).


This is your typical Greek family restaurant. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is warm, but it’s the staff at Pegasos which makes it a great place to be!

ManThei Sushi Bar

Though I’m not a huge sushi fan myself, I figured I’d include ManThei in this list of Unterbilk cuisine because the people around me have raved about it so much.

YOMARO Frozen Yogurt

The best frozen yogurt in town and conveniently located on the beautiful and chic Loretto Strasse.




Sights in Unterbilk

Loretto Strasse

There’s so much going on in the streets of the city, but Unterbilk is one of those areas you won’t find many tourists. Loretto Strasse is a trendy corner of Unterbilk with beautiful one of a kind shops and delicious eats.

Alt St. Martin Kirche

I only had the pleasure of attending a service at the Alt St. Martin Kirche last week and I was amazed at how beautiful it was (inside and out). It is one of the oldest standing churches in the city and is perfect in size (small and quaint).


The Rheinturm is absolutely no secret, but it’s certainly worth checking out! You can take the elevator to the top of the tower for a stunning look out and sit down for a couple drinks and the cocktail bar above.




Entertainment in Unterbilk

Apollo Theater:

Live shows, comedy, dinner, dancing and more!

UCI Kinowelt:

For all the movie lovers around – they also play films in English!



Photo Credit: Relexa Hotels


Nature in Unterbilk

Unterbilk is well known for having one of a kind store fronts, cafes and restaurants, but that doesn’t mean we should be forgetting about the beautiful nature around the city. Here are a few green spots to check out along the way:

Flora Garten


Bürger Park



Photo Credit: Dusseldorf.de


Shopping in Unterbilk

Caritas Kaufhaus:

Caritas is my favourite shop in the entire city. It is a second hand furniture and clothing goods shop with great deals and it all goes back to an awesome cause.

The Bird Who Told:

Filled with beautiful postcards and city illustrations, this cute little shop has quite a unique collection. They also carry designer brands from across the world. Recently they launched the sale of beautiful hand crafted jewellery from the Dutch record label Bazou.

You Love It:

Call me crazy because I don’t kite surf, but this shop is so nice to browse. Filled with all you need for some wind surfing practice!

“Greeny” In a Bottle:

Green smoothies, smoothie bowls, detox drinks and cold pressed juices, this is a store made from heaven!

Four Seasons Lifestyle:

I love window shopping past this unique little place as it’s filled with wonderful pieces for the home!

Bilk Arcaden:

If you enjoy a one-stop-shop, this is the place to be. Filled with shops from electronics, clothing, and food, this is an easy place to pick up all you need.



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