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During these difficult times, many of us feel the need to support and help others but don’t know-how. A smile and a friendly gesture towards our heroes, the care workers, and supermarket staff, already go a long way but there are a few more things, we can all do to help out. Therefore, I have put together a post with a number of things that will keep you occupied while doing something useful for the community at the same time.

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1 – Blood Donations

The number of blood donors is rapidly declining and the hospitals are more than ever in need of blood reserves.  Fewer donors are coming because they are afraid to encounter others infected with the virus. You may rest assured, however, that the donation banks are taking extra care to keep the facilities as sterile as possible and keep a safe distance between the donors. The facility in the Uni Klinik, for example, is cut off from the rest of the hospital, which means there won’t be any patients within that area. So, if you’re feeling healthy, donate your blood and make sure to drink and eat plenty prior to donating.


Uni Klinik Düsseldorf

  • Location: Zentrum für Operative Medizin I/ “Alte Chirurgie”, Building. 12.43,
    Moorenstr. 5, 40225 Düsseldorf
  • Opening Hours: Mo, Tue, Fri 7:15-14:00, Wed 11:30- 19:00, Sat 7:15-12:00
  • Tel.: 0211 – 81 18 575


The Red Cross Düsseldorf

For future dates and locations please refer to Blutspendedienst.


2 – Get a Job

A lot of us recently lost their jobs or are forced to stop working due to COVID-19. While pretty much everything is on pause at the moment, some essential stores are still open and are in urgent need of help. So if you are looking for a job right now, go to your next supermarket or drug store and offer your help. Application processes have been facilitated so you should be able to start ASAP.

Our local farmers are lacking seasonal workers who would usually come from Eastern Europe to help. Just approach them directly and offer your help for the season. It will be highly appreciated.


3 – Offer Help

It is important for the people at risk to stay inside and not be exposed to potentially infected people. While you are going to the supermarket anyway, why not offer to grocery shop for these people as well. Just write a post on Facebook or pin a letter to the hallway in your house (nebanan.de offers a downloadable printout for free) and let others know you’re there to help. Just make sure to keep your distance and simply place the groceries in front of their doors.


4 – Support Your Local Dealers

Many, if not all, restaurants and cafés are struggling these days. So in order to support our local gastronomy, check their websites for food deliveries. Besides restaurants, book shops, and little boutiques have also started delivery services, so before you order on the regular online shops, consult our local businesses instead.

There is also a new non-profit organization that dedicates itself to support local dealers affected by this crisis. This organization is selling T-Shirts with all the names of the businesses and projects affected by COVID-19.  All profits will be shared equally among these businesses. So go to supportyourlocaldealer.org to buy a T-Shirt, donate money, become a sponsor or if you’re affected, register your own business.


5 – Help the People in Need

Our homeless people are struggling more than ever to sell their fiftyfifty magazines which usually allow them to make a little bit of money for food and accommodations. They are happy for every donation either on their website or in person. Most fiftyfifty sellers can be still found out in front of the supermarkets.

Around the city, residents have established what is now called Gabenzäune (donation fences). At the Fürstenplatz or the Kassematten, there are hanging several bags ready to be filled with groceries and care products for people in need to pick up.


6 – Face Masks

Our health care institutions are currently in urgent need of face masks. Many people all over Germany turned this void into action and started sewing face masks on their own. While these masks are not safe to be used by hospital staff, private people, or caretakers in nursing homes can certainly use them to slow infections down. Professor Dr. Drosten, the virologist from the Charité in Berlin, confirmed, that self-made masks could help slow down the circulation of the virus if those infected wear them. He also added that people could wear those instead of buying the ones needed by hospitals to feel safer when they have to go to grocery stores.

There are several step-by-step instructions online showing you how to sew masks, for example here. If you do not know how to sew or do not have the time, there are also many places that joined forces to sew masks for fire stations e.g. who would be happy to receive new fabrics. So check if you have any cotton sheets at home and donate them.


 7 – Call Your Loved Ones

These are tough times for everyone. It is important to stay in touch with your loved ones, so call them frequently to make sure you’re alone together. Especially the elderly and long-term health impaired, they can be rather lonely at the moment and grandparents miss their grandchildren, so a quick facetime call will go a long way.

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