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At some point in time, we may all need to consider our storage options in Düsseldorf, whether that’s because we’re moving out for a while, we’re relocating to a smaller space or we’re moving in but haven’t yet settled into a permanent location.

In my case, I’ve decided to take 4 months maternity leave and head back to Canada to spend a little quality time with family. That means, instead of paying for a flat for 4 months and not using it, I am potentially considering to store all my furniture somewhere safe while I’m away and look for a new (and bigger) flat when I return back. With a growing family, it’s time for me to start thinking about a larger living quarter.

If you’ve fallen into a similar situation, you may find some of this information to come in handy. I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to, including all the price comparisons (listed from cheapest to most expensive), because who doesn’t love to save a few Euros? 


Need to pick up some packing boxes first?

You’ll easily find packing boxes at a local home hardware shop around Düsseldorf (like OBI or TOOM). You can also order them online for like a Euro a piece in bulk. Otherwise, it’s worth asking around to see if anyone is reselling their old packing boxes that survived the move.


mylager Düsseldorf

mylager offers storage units in over 40 cities across Germany, all ranging in price and size. You can choose between 6 different sized containers (XS – XXL).

Price Estimate: Starting at 75 Euro/month for 5-9 m² (or 12,50 Euro/m²)

Address: Am Trippelsberg 92, 40589 Düsseldorf


STorangeBOX Lager

The STorangeBOX storage options are similar, offering sizes S – XL and provide an easy to navigate online platform which allows you to select the storage size you need based on your current apartment size. Additionally, if you’d just like to store a few precious items (like a sofa and a fridge), you can also do so by adding it to your cart online.

Price Estimate: Starting at 80 Euros/month for approx. 3-5 m²



LAGERGUT offers self-storage both indoors and outdoors depending on your preferences. Their storage options are a little different than the other self-storage companies as they use shipping containers to store your goods. The larger shipping container holds about 15 m² worth of goods.

Price Estimate: Not provided on the website, but price suggestion is starting at 90-95 Euros/month for ca. 5 m²

Address: Heerstr. 105, 40227 Düsseldorf



LAGERBOX definitely has an advantage over a few of the other storage companies as they offer their website in English as well. Finding options for storing your personal items isn’t easy, and navigating through German websites can be even harder. LAGERBOX allows you to request a quote online and/or give them a call (in English) during their working hours.

Price Estimate: Starting at 11 Euros/week for 1-2 m² (25 Euros/week for 4-6 m² for comparison purposes)

Address: Heerdter Lohweg 226a, 40549 Dusseldorf & Königsberger Str. 100, 40231 Dusseldorf



SHURGARD also offers an easy to navigate English website. Their storage options vary from 1,5 m² – 27 m² and since they have two different locations in Düsseldorf, depending on where you choose to store your belongings, the price may vary. While the SHURGARD prices are a little higher than the rest, they offer a 1st month = 1 Euro bonus which may in the end (depending on how long you need to rent a storage space for) end up being cheaper.

Price Estimate: Approximately 120 Euros/month for 5 m² (the first month costs 1 Euro)

Address: Erkrather Straße 256, 40233 Düsseldorf & Heerdter-Landstraße 117, 40549 Düsseldorf 


Ebay Kleinanzeigen

If you’re hoping for a few cheaper options, your best bet is to go with a private renter. You can find tons of garage and basement space in properties all over the city while possibly saving quite a chunk of money too.

Note: Many of these storage companies offer extra security measures and insurances in case anything happens to your belongings while in storage at the facility. If you’re renting a private space instead, you may want to consider insuring your items or speaking to the renter first about your security options.


What about removal services to and from Germany?

Of course, there’s also a good chance that many of us will require removal services to and from Germany at some point in time rather than storage in Düsseldorf. There are some great options for removals to Germany and from Germany that you can consider.

With a removal service, you are often able to hire a fleet service to pick up and drop off your most loved possessions, door-to-door. They will pack up your boxes from your original apartment and deliver them to you in your new location when you arrive. If you don’t have a full shipment, you may also have the option to order a partial/shared load instead (and save a few bucks). Depending on the removal service you choose to go with, prices will vary. However, there’s certainly no denying that having a service to deliver your furnishings door-to-door definitely helps make the move a lot easier!

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