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10 Affordable & Awesome Shops to Decorate Your Apartment

October 25, 2018

Tired of asking this question and everyone responding with the answer: IKEAI know I was when I first arrived in Düsseldorf. I know IKEA is cheap, and yes, it is also a great place to furnish and decorate your apartment… but sometimes I just want something different, you know?

There are so many cool little deco shops around Düsseldorf (and Germany for that matter) that are 100% worth checking out and actually often cheaper than IKEA. You just have to know exactly where to look!

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Action is relatively new to Germany and is actually a decor/discount chain from the Netherlands. They pride themselves on great quality and discount prices, and I can definitely vouch for them when it comes to low prices. Action is a great place to shop for home decor, arts and crafts, and even seasonal items and international sweets. At the moment, Action has two locations in Düsseldorf, one in Heerdt and one in Rath.



You might have noticed TEDi flyers in your mailbox as they’re often the first to reach their customers via snail mail. TEDi is a very neat shop filled with home decor, arts and crafts, office supplies and party games – and everything is extremely cheap. There are TEDi’s located all over the city, so you’ll just have to type it into Google maps and head on your way.



Woolworth first opened their doors back in 1927 and is a chain of department stores across Germany and Austria. With much success, they’ve been able to keep their doors open around many cities in Germany, including 2 different locations in Düsseldorf, Nordstrasse and Kölner Strasse. Woolworth is filled with home decor, clothing, and other household supplies for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room.



Our favorite shop Xenos was recently just taken over by TEDi, so you might notice some changes in the near future, but for now, Xenos is still an awesome place to shop for party supples, arts and crafts, baking and home decor at an affordable price. You’ll also get a lot of DIY inspiration here.


Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene is a brand new shop and all the hype at the moment with decor and DIY lovers. It is a Danish retail chain that’s all about DIY, simplistic design and you know, Danish concepts. Their products are beautiful, inspiring and quite affordable too! At the moment, they’ve just opened up two locations in Düsseldorf, one in Düsseldorf Arcaden and another on Mittelstrasse by Carlsplatz.



Okay, I cheated. Hema isn’t actually located in Düsseldorf, it’s located on the main shopping street in Neuss, but it’s such an awesome decor shop to visit that I couldn’t not include it in our top 10 list. Hema is a neat place to shop for clothing, party supplies, home decor and gift ideas.



Nanu-Nana is a wonderful little shop filled with knick-knacks and home decor items to spruce up your living space. You’ll find two shops in Düsseldorf, one in Düsseldorf Arcaden and one in Ratingen. It’s also a great place to shop for party supplies and seasonal home decor (Christmas is a blast at Nanu-Nana).



Butlers is the best place to shop for unique kitchen decor! They’ve also got quite an array of Snoopy gifts and knick-knacks. The prices are certainly affordable and you’ll find everything you need to make your kitchen one-of-a-kind. There are a number of shops around the city, so it should be an easy place to get to no matter where you’re living.



Depot is another centrally located decor shop that offers some awesome DIY inspiration. You’ll find everything you need here to make your own decor items at home. I often find myself roaming the store and snapping photos so that I can go home and make the same set-up in my house.



Habitat is probably the most expensive shop out of them all, but it’s also actually extremely budget friendly! You’ll not only find home decor here, but beautiful furniture, bedding and pillows. Their rustic style makes for a Pinterest worthy shopping experience.


What do you think? Have you been in Düsseldorf for a while and also know of a few good (and affordable) decor shops around the area? We’d love for you to let us know in the comments below! 

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