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Have you ever thought about joining a rugby team in Düsseldorf? Let me tell you my story and perhaps you may be able to relate.

When I first moved to Düsseldorf, I was in awe by the thought of living in a big city (though once you get to know the place, it seems a lot smaller). I wanted to get involved, get to know the place and make it my home – even if it’s only temporary. So I went about finding a hobby. I’m not good at football, my balance is atrocious so anything with skates was out of the equation and tennis just doesn’t do it for me. Then I considered rugby, why not? 

In my previous job, I had the chance to play intramural rugby once or twice and I really enjoyed it. I had never pursued it further so here it was – the perfect opportunity to really get involved this time. My mission was to find a rugby club in Düsseldorf. 

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Now that I’ve done the research, it’s time to share it with you!

Rugby Düsseldorf
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Photo Credit: Carola Gleixner – Düsseldorf Dragonettes


First, a little bit about the sport.

Some are already very familiar with rugby, some not. So in a nutshell: two teams of 15 players compete to score against each other by placing the ball in the other team’s area or kicking it through the two posts. It’s said to be a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen (or women!). Respect, discipline, and teamwork are just a few values that make rugby such a great sport.


Rugby Clubs in Düsseldorf

Unlike all the tennis and football clubs in Düsseldorf, the choice of rugby teams in Düsseldorf is rather small. One to be precise. The Düsseldorf Dragons Rugby Club is hidden in Lörick amongst the trees and side streets, but a large space nonetheless. 

The Düsseldorf Dragons Rugby Club, or “Dragons” as we call it, currently have two men’s teams (2nd Bundesliga-West and Regionalliga Rheinland) and one women’s team (mainly 7s tournaments).

They also have events and training for children and under-18’s. People from all walks of life and continents can be found at the Clubhouse, but all with one goal – enjoy the sport of rugby. It doesn’t matter if rugby was your first love and you want to keep playing here as an expat or if you’re just curious about the sport and want to give it a chance. The Dragons are very welcoming (and you might even connect with some people from home too!) and will be sure to find a position you’re perfect for on the field. That’s the magic of rugby.

With the Rugby World Cup currently in Japan, inspiration should be at an all-time high! Rather than just watching the games on television, why not come out and be a part of a team? The Düsseldorf Dragons Rugby Club would be happy to have you.


How do I get in touch and/or join the Düsseldorf Dragons team?

To get in touch with the Dragons, you can visit their website, contact them on Facebook (@DDDragons) or even Instagram (@dusseldorfdragonsrugbyclub). 

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