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Rheinkirmes | Germany’s Largest Funfair Along the Rhine River

July 10, 2018

This year (2018), Germany’s largest funfair along the Rhine, will take place in Düsseldorf on the Oberkasseler Rheinwiesen from July 13th to July 22nd. Stretching across 165,000 square meteres and welcoming over 4 million visitors each year, the Rheinkirmes is a huge celebration for locals and visitors.

But, if you haven’t been to the Rheinkirmes before, you’re probably eager to find out what to expect and everything that’s going on during these exciting times!


The Rides 

There is certainly no lack of rides at the Rheinkirmes. You’ll have your choice between heart thumping drop towers or merry-go-rounds. There are rides for young children and rides for the dare devils. There are fun houses and terrifying horror houses. Regardless of what tickles your fancy, there will be a ride for you here at the Kirmes.

Note: All of the rides differ in price – some are affordable and some are extremely overpriced – you will buy tokens ahead of time and be able to price out if it’s worth it to hop on or not.

Rheinkirmes in Dusseldorf


The Beer Tents & Live Music

Don’t be fooled when I say the word “funfair”, this is certainly not just a place for kids. Every year the Rheinkirmes opens up a handful of amazing beer tents and hosts some of the best live music – both traditional folk music and modern rock/pop/techno/etc. To be completely honest, I’m usually there for the beer and then try and enjoy a couple rides while I’m around.

Rheinkirmes in Dusseldorf


Super Fireworks 

Similar to Japan Day in Düsseldorf, the Rheinkirmes celebrates another successful year by lighting off some super fireworks to end the last Friday evening of the funfair. This year the fireworks will take place on July 20th, 2018 at around 10:30PM. Even if you’re not at the funfair to enjoy the fireworks, you’ll be able to grab a spot anywhere along the Rheinpromenade to enjoy the spectacular evening show.

Rheinkirmes in Dusseldorf



What many people actually don’t know is that the Rheinkirmes is also known as one of the largest German folk festivals and comes into town to celebrate two major occasions:

  1. The feast of the city patron, Apollinaris of Ravenna
  2. The Kirchweihfest, a religious festival of the catholic basilica of St. Lambertus in Dusseldorf

The entire festival is organized by the St. Sebastianus Shooting Club – Düsseldorf 1316 e.V. (not as seen in this photo – this is another Shooting Club celebrating their traditions in the streets of Unterbilk).

Rheinkirmes in Dusseldorf


Pink Monday

Pink Monday is a relatively new tradition of 40 years (compared to that of the Schützenfest) that has recently started picking up popularity and is now celebrated annually while the Rheinkirmes is in town. You can expect more than 50,000 gays, lesbians, transgenders and bisexuals (and ofcourse, heterosexuals) to be in attendance and celebrating proudly with rainbow flags.

Rheinkirmes in Dusseldorf


There is also a ferry that will take you across the river from the Altstadt to the Funfair throughout the day that costs 2,50 Euro per person* or 1,00 Euro per child* (up to 9 years of age). Strollers and bikes cost an additional fee.

(* prices are always subject to change)

For more information about the Rheinkirmes, you can check out the main Rheinkirmes website. You will find a bit of information in English as well.

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