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When the FIFA World Cup comes around every 4 years, we want to make sure that you’re properly equipped with what you need to make the most out of the festivities! Düsseldorf has proved to be a leader in the public viewing world of the FIFA World Cup games (along with Berlin of course). You could watch it on a boat, you could watch it in a backyard beer garden or even in the main square out in front of the town hall! Basically, all other sports in Düsseldorf take the side burner while the world cup is on.

Year after year, the FIFA World Cup public viewing opportunities in Düsseldorf get even better! So, regardless of who you’re cheering for, make sure you celebrate the best you can.

Here is a list of some of the best public viewing spots in Düsseldorf! 


Kasematten Düsseldorf

Address: Kasematten, 40213

On the beautiful sunny days in Düsseldorf during the World Cup, the Kasematten along the Rhine River is packed with football fans from all over the world. Most of the restaurants along the Kasematten will be playing the game on a couple of different flat screens, and there is a good chance that the Weisse Flotte Düsseldorf boat will again, pull up their huge flat-screen TV for people to watch from the promenade.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, the Kasematten is the place to be! 


Die Kämmerei / Marktplatz

Address: Marktpl. 6, 40213

Right in the center of the Marktplatz, outside of Die Kämmerei and the town hall, you will often find 5 huge screen TVs to watch all the FIFA World Cup games live. Rain or shine, Die Kämmerei is prepared to offer up cold drinks and an incredible atmosphere. This is definitely a unique spot to watch the game, so you won’t be the only one fighting for a good spot. Make sure you arrive 2 hours before kick-off to get a good spot!


Schlösser Quartier Bohème & Henkel-Saal

Address: Ratinger Str. 25, 40213

During the 2018 World Cup, the Schlösser Quartier Bohème and Henkel-Saal transformed into the “SQB WM-Quartier 2018”. They played all the World Cup games out on the terrace, so regardless of who you were cheering for, you could always call the SQB home. There were 4 huge projection screens and 5 monitors all in high definition, and on the days that team Germany was playing, they hosted huge parties boasting some of the best DJ’s in the city. Let’s hope they continue to follow trend every time FIFA World Cup rolls around, am I right?!


Zakk – Zentrum für Aktion, Kultur & Kommunikation

Address: Fichtenstraße 40, 40233

On the outdoor patio at Zakk, the Zakk team comes together to build an ultimate World Cup home-base for football fans in Düsseldorf. In recent years, only the Germany FIFA World Cup games were broadcasted, so stay tuned on their website for more information.


MANGOLD Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

Address: Glockenstraße 20, 40476

MANGOLD in the past has opened up its doors to celebrate the World Cup and offered a beautiful public viewing section on their outdoor terrace, as well as great food, cold beer, and cocktails. They often play all team Germany games as well as the big Final match. If you’d like to book a table, we would suggest making a reservation ahead of time.


Hyatt Regency

Address: Speditionstraße 19, 40221

The Hyatt Regency in the Medienhafen often opens up the Dox-Bar and Club Lounge to the World Cup fanatics. All of the games are played live and for those interested in reserving a spot can do so by booking a table at their “Café D”.


Vier Linden Biergarten

Address: Siegburger Str. 25, 40591

The Vier Linden Biergarten on the outskirts of Südpark often plays all the team Germany games live, outside on their open terrace. While Vier Linden is well known for the open-air cinema nights, the mood totally changes when the terrace is packed with football fans from all countries!



Address: Ronsdorfer Str. 134, 40233

Stahlwerk has organized public viewing out on the Treibgut terrace and inside the Stahlwerk factory in previous years. If you’d like to get a good spot to watch all the team Germany games, you’ll need to try and get there a couple of hours before kick-off. Reservations are not possible, but it’s worth heading to Stahlwerk for the incredible energy and amazing football experience.


Rudas Studios Club

Address: Zollhof 11, 40221

Rudas Studios typically plays a selection of games (both team Germany and non-team Germany games) and turn their dance floor into an artificial turf so that you can play around while getting pumped up for the World Cup games to air. Their public viewing events are only for ages 18 and up.


BAZ im Zoo

Address: Graf-Recke-Straße 103, 40239

If you’re around the Zoo park in Düsseltal, BAZ usually plays the team Germany games up on 8 different TVs and 1 huge projector.


Löffelbar Restaurant

Address: Tußmannstraße 3, 40477

If you’re looking for a cozy place to watch the game both indoors in a restaurant or outdoors on a terrace, the Löffelbar often welcomes you to watch all of the Germany games live at their restaurant while you grab a cold beer and some delicious burgers.


Of course, if you’re hoping to sit down, grab a pint and enjoy the game in the Altstadt, many of the sports bars and Irish pubs like Fatty’s and O’Reilly’s play the FIFA World Cup games live as well. 

Note: While many of these locations offer live viewing for all of the FIFA World-Cup games, a few of them will only be offering public viewing for the team Germany games. Please check the location websites before arriving to ensure that they are showing the game you’d like to see live, and that you do not require any reservations. 

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