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Picnics are one of my favourite way to get together with friends and family during the summer months whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. Especially this summer, picnics are a great way to have an outdoor get-together. So bring a picnic blanket (you can find them for around 10 Euros online), a cooler bag full of snacks, and get out there!  

So what are some of the best picnic spots in Düsseldorf? 


Rheinpark Golzheim

Rheinpark Golzheim, 40213 Düsseldorf

The Rheinpark Golzheim, often just called the Rheinpark, stretches between Cecilienallee and Robert-Lehr-Ufer giving the park 24 hectares of land. The park follows the river Rhein for 2.5 kilometers with views of both the Rheinknie, Oberkassel, and Theodor-Heuss bridges.

The large grass park with panoramic river views is the perfect place for a summertime picnic, with space to roam and sit back to watch the sunset. It was also listed in Life in Düsseldorfs “Top 10 Places to BBQ in Düsseldorf“. 



Stockumer Kirchstraße/Rotterdamer Straße, 40474 Düsseldorf

Located next to the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum, an aquatic zoo that is home to over 500 different species of animals, is Düsseldorf’s Nordpark.

The approximate 36-hectare park is plenty large enough to stroll through its beautiful fountains, ponds, and flowerbeds. The large lawn spaces, as well as benches, spotted throughout the park, make this an idyllic and quiet spot with beautiful scenery to lay down a blanket and set up the perfect picnic. It’s also a beautiful spot to stroll through in the winter if you’re up for it! 


Japanischer Garten

Stockumer Kirchstraße, 40474 Düsseldorf

Although they are technically a part of the Nordpark, tucked away in the north-west corner, the 5000 square metre Japanese gardens deserve their own spot on this list as you feel as if you have stumbled into a completely different location.

The pine and Japanese maple trees, specially pruned, along with the traditional Japanese stone sculptures and koi ponds create a peaceful and tranquil environment, perfect for any picnic. 

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Theodor-Heuss Brücke

Theodor-Heuss Brücke, Düsseldorf

Located directly next to the Rheinpark Golzheim, the Theodor-Heuss Brücke offers the perfect day out and picnic location to sports lovers in Düsseldorf.

Thanks to the “all court surface”, the sporting area located next to the grass lawns, looking over the river, is suitable for sports such as basketball, floorball, roller skating, dancing, gymnastics, and more. Not only this but similar to the Rheinpark Golzheim, this is another location that is perfect to sit back and watch the sunset whilst having a picnic in the summer. If you’re there in the spring, you’ll also spot the beautiful blue band of flowers (one of the cities most instagrammable locations).



Ostpark, 40625 Düsseldorf

Ostpark has an array of attractive features that make it the perfect location for a picnic in the east of Düsseldorf. With a pond is surrounded by rows of trees and a tree terrace in the centre of the park, Ostpark is packed full of serenity and beauty. Not only this but Ostpark also features a playground making this a fantastic location for a family day out.


Alter Bilker Friedhof

Volmerswerther Str., 40221 Düsseldorf

The Alter Bilker Friedhof is a former cemetery turned park on Volmerswerther Straße, just south of the Düsseldorf Altstadt. The old trees provide lovely shade from the heat of the summer sun, making them the perfect location to lay down a picnic blanket and enjoy the day. With a playground and water playground, which proves especially popular with young children during the summer months, this is yet another picnic location that would make a perfect summertime family outing. 

Alter Bilker Friedhof
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Palmenstraße 1, 40217 Düsseldorf

Located in Unterbilk, near the city centre, Florapark is a park of three hectares. Similarly to Ostpark, Florapark is an oasis of trees featuring a pond and a playground, as well as Florabar, a cafe, making this another perfect place for not only a picnic on the grass but a family outing. Peter Breuer’s marble “Adam and Eve” monument is yet another reason as to why this park is so beautiful. You might also enjoy Zoopark if you’re a fan of Florapark.

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Düsseldorf-Flingern Kettwiger Straße, Höherweg Stadtwerkepark

The Stadtwerkepark opened in 2005 in the Flingern district in the east of Düsseldorf.

This 2.1-hectare park was built around the old public utility administration building juxtaposing the old brick buildings against the many trees, paths, and activity possibilities that this park now offers. Some activities include a small skatepark, a sand playground, a volleyball area, chess, and table tennis tables, as well as lawned areas with benches making this the perfect picnic location and outing for people of all ages as well as families in the summertime. 



Hofgarten, 40213 Düsseldorf

Hofgarten is a 28-hectare large garden in the centre of Düsseldorf.

These gardens were built in 1769 only 6 years after Schloss Jägerhof, the castle on site of these gardens was built. With parking areas nearby and excellent access via public transport, these gardens include features such as two dog park areas, three playgrounds, fountains, sculptures, and plenty of grassy areas with shade provided by the many trees that surround the garden. The lawn spaces make the perfect place to set up your very own summertime picnic and the large grounds make it the perfect place to bring friends and family of all ages to experience this new side to the Düsseldorf city centre. It’s also a beautiful place to be in the winter too! 


Unterbacher See

Unterbacher See, 40627 Düsseldorf

In the south-east of Düsseldorf, approximately 15 kilometres from the Düsseldorf Altstadt, lies the Unterbacher See. The neighbouring forest offers both hiking and biking trails whilst the 2.5-kilometre lake is available for surfing, sailing and, of course, swimming! With, pedal rentals, an aerial park, and playgrounds, this lake has something for everyone. The lake’s barbeque areas and beer gardens provide the perfect location for a cookout whilst the soft sands and clear water are a great place to set up a picnic. 

Unterbachersee Picnic Spot
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