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10 Christmas Gift Ideas Made by Düsseldorf Locals

December 15, 2018

We’re counting down the days ’til Christmas and with the time going by quickly, we thought you might like a little inspiration as to what you may be able to buy your loved ones this holiday season. Of course, we wanted to share a few of our favorite locally made products by Düsseldorfers themselves!

Our thought – why not support the locals this year? 


Here are some Christmas gift ideas made by Düsseldorf’s expat’s and friends that are certain to make your celebration a little merrier, from the youngest to the oldest individuals on your gift-giving list!

From the things they need to those items they would just love to have; our list is filled with Christmas presents worth buying!


Playcook” Book 

“Playcook” is a sensual cookbook about cooking with aphrodisiacs. As author Hyla says, food and love are inseparably tied. This book offers some naughty recipes and photos for strong, modern and mature men and women. You can buy it for 18,99 on Amazon

This book was written by local expat, Magdalena Hyla! 





“Playbook Start-up” Book

Know someone ambitious and thinking about owning their own business? Then the book “Playbook Startup 7-steps program” from Felix Thönnessen is a perfect catch. The book is based on the idea that in order to create a successful start-up, you only need a 7-step program. Felix Thönnessen helps with these steps in a funny, cool way!  You can buy it for 19,99 on Amazon.

This book was written by local Düsseldorfer, Felix Thönnessen! 


Düsseldorf Christmas Gifts


A Bottle of Düsseldorf Made Gin


Schmitt’s Finest Dry Gin in 1818

The perfect present for gin lovers is a locally made bottle of Schmitt’s Finest Dry Gin from 1818. It all began with widow Adelheid Schmittmann who was first officially mentioned as a spirits distiller in a tax register in 1818. She served her first homemade gin on the Maurenbrecher Hof – a few steps from today’s headquarters in Düsseldorf. Son Benedikt made the estate a versatile company and today, the company is run by two wonderful sisters Sonja and Vera Schmittmann. You can buy it for 31,95 on their online shop.

This gin was created by local Düsseldorfers of Family Schmittmann.



The idea of developing a very special gin from Düsseldorf came from two young entrepreneurs Tim Lamm and Johannes Weigl during a convivial evening on the steps in front of the Düsseldorf Schlossturm, the landmark of the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital. For a long time, the two men longed for a gin, which recalls the origin and purity of the centuries-old gin history. You can try it for 39,90 on the Rheingin website.

This gin is made by Tim Lamm and Johannes Weigl from Düsseldorf.



A Family Photoshoot

Christmas is a time of love and sharing. Why not share the love and spend some time with the family getting a family photo shoot done? There are tons of local photographers in the area who you can support! Here are just a few to name: www.lichtwerke-nrw.de , www.hannahkonda.com, www.littlekids-fotos.de , www.misztal.de.  

 Düsseldorf PhotosPhoto Credit: Lichtwerke NRW



Chocolate is always a good idea, and when this is protein filled chocolate, you can’t go wrong. Raccoon offers vegan chocolates, funny packaging and offers truly great quality chocolate! You can buy it for 2,99 for one piece on their online shop.

These chocolates are created by local Düsseldorfer Matthias Ludwig and Jessica Ludwig.

 Raccoon Chocolate


Personalized calendar

For those loved ones on your list who say they want nothing for Christmas and don’t want you to spend your money on material items, they won’t be able to say no to a personalized calendar. Charlina customizes these personalized calendar’s so they include your favorite sayings, certain entries (birthdays, etc.) and/or extra space for notes. You can buy it on Etsy for 39,95. She also makes beautiful Christmas cards!

Made by Düsseldorf’s girl – Charlie Lehmann.


M.Hyla Paintings 

Art is one of the most thoughtful and personal gifts to make someone feel special or celebrate, for example, Christmas. Investing in a piece of art is a great way to show you care. Order a customized piece of art by creative expat M.Hyla on her new Etsy shop

Expat M.Hyla from Düsseldorf is painting those acrylic beauties.


Düsseldorf Christmas Gifts


Bag from Plup Planet Upcycling

Do you have a friend who is eco obsessed? Plup Planet Upcycling is a great shop to buy some sustainable upcycled products with beautiful designs. The old things become new products, which after their transformation have an even higher value than before. You can buy the bag and any other products in Flingern at their shop

This shop is run by Düsseldorf couple, Anne Kathrin and Frank Metzler.


Caro Customized Jewellery

Every girl likes to shine. Am I right? Jewelry is always a great gift, especially when it’s carefully made and designed right here in Düsseldorf. All Caro’s pieces are made of stainless steel and brass. Do you want to include a personal story or touch in your jewelry? They also offer an intimate embossing on every single piece! Check out her online shop

Made by local lady, Caroline Keuser. 

Christmas Gifts Düsseldorf


Doli Bottles

The Doli drinking bottles turn every sip into an experience. It is 100% free of toxins, BPA free and the perfect companion for your everyday life – whether in the office, in college, while playing sports or traveling. Be stylish and eco-friendly! You can find it on the Doli Bottles website.

Created by Sarina and Anatoli Teichrib from Düsseldorf.


Do you know any other wonderful and locally made products that would make excellent Christmas gifts? Add them to the comments section below and don’t forget to include a link so that everyone else can check it out for themselves too! 

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