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So you want to start learning German, but where do you start? Which German language courses are the right ones? This is a question I had been asking myself for more than a year until finally deciding to jump on in.

Everyone has their own opinions and learning methods, so by no means do I have the right to have a top 10 list of the best German language courses in Düsseldorf. However, I can definitely break them down for you so that you get a better idea of what might suit you best and what fits your price range.


Haven’t moved to Germany yet? Don’t have enough time for a German course? 

If you haven’t yet moved here or you find it hard to make time for a face-to-face course, there are a number of online options to choose from.



  • Cost: Starting at 4,95 per month* (20-day money-back guarantee)
  • Website Link
  • BABBEL is an easy online website and app that allows you to go through interactive games and courses



  • Cost: Starting at 19,90 Euro per month*
  • Website Link
  • LinguaTV is a great program that is quite easy to navigate and is hosted in online webinars


Rosetta Stone

  • Cost: Reg. $499 (but often on sale) per year*
  • Website Link
  • If you have determination and motivation, Rosetta Stone is a great intensive tool to use



  • Cost: FREE*
  • Website Link
  • Duolingo is kind of like a game, spend 5 minutes a day learning German and playing language games on an app

TIP: You can also find some awesome e-courses online on Udemy (known for their affordable courses), Groupon (known for their one-time sale offers), and FutureLearn (known for their high level of academics)

So you moved to Germany, you found an apartment, you signed up for health insurance, you’ve got a bank account and a phone plan… what’s next? It’s time to learn German!


Here’s the official list of German language courses in Düsseldorf


L.A.N.E.S. Germany Düsseldorf ($)

  • Location: Friedrichstadt, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 379 Euros for 8-week intensive course + 80 Euro registration fee*
  • Website: www.lanes-germany.com
  • L.A.N.E.S. offers TELC certification, private tutoring and crash courses in addition to their intensive courses


ASG Bildungsforum ($)

  • Location: Friedrichstraße 26, 40217 Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 390 Euro for 4-week intensive course*
  • Website: www.asg-bildungsforum.de
  • ASG Bildungsforum also works with the foreigner department (BAMF), so if you are required to take an integrations course where the government pays 50% of your course fee, ASG is a good choice


Sprach Forum ($)

  • Location: Bilk, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 420 Euro for 4-week intensive course*
  • Website: www.sprachforum.de
  • Sprach Forum offers 4-week intensive courses each month and accommodations if required


AWO Düsseldorf ($)

  • Location: Derendorf, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 1 Euro per lesson (45 minutes)
  • Website: www.awo-duesseldorf.de
  • AWO offers the full integrations course including B2 courses, options for children are also available


Limba Sprachen ($$)

  • Location: Unterbilk, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 10 Classes x 60 minutes = 95 Euro*
  • Website: www.limba-sprachen.de
  • Limba Sprachen also offers online materials, personal classes, skype classes and a new blog coming soon


Yasmin Germanlingolady Bolz ($$)

  • Location: Altstadt, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 10 classes x 90 minutes = 169 Euro*
  • Website: Germanlingolady
  • Contact Yasmin for more information at GermanLingoLady@web.de


LCD Training ($$)

  • Location: Heerdt/Lorick
  • Cost: Starting at 20 Euro per class
  • Website: www.lcdtraining.net
  • LCD offers programs for professionals and children and offers specified courses in business, engineering, and finance. You can attend a trial class for free until you find a teacher that suits your needs.


Sprachenschiff ($$)

  • Location: Kaiserswerth
  • Cost: Starting at 10 classes x 250 Euros for private lessons (classes are cheaper in larger groups)
  • Website: www.sprachenschiff.de
  • Sprachenschiff is well known for its flexible options as you can reschedule your course learning up until 24-hours before the appointment time. They teach levels from A1 to C1.


Study on Düsseldorf ($$)

  • Location: Stadtmitte, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 620 Euro for 5 lessons/day (each level)*
  • Website: www.studyon.de
  • Study on offers DSH preparation and TestDaF preparation courses as well as intensive courses


The IIK Düsseldorf ($$)

  • Cost: Starting at 910 Euro for 2-month intensive course*
  • Website: www.iik-duesseldorf.de
  • IIK offers extensive programs from 1 month – 10 months and 2-month summer premium courses


Berlitz Sprachschule ($$$)

  • Location: Carlstadt, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 1,000 Euro for 4 week intensive course*
  • Website: www.berlitz.de
  • Berlitz offers individual courses, courses for kids and teens and virtual learning opportunities


Inlingua Düsseldorf ($$$)

  • Location: Stadtmitte, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 164 Euro for 20 hours*
  • Website: www.inlingua-duesseldorf.de
  • Inlingua allows you to purchase classes per hour so you don’t have to commit to a long program


GoAcademy! Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf ($$$)

  • Location: Flingern, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 140 Euro per week for standard courses (20 hours/week) and 190 Euro per week for intensive courses (30 hours/week)* + 60 Euro registration fee for new students
  • Website: www.goacademy.de
  • Sprachcaffe offers workshops, study tours and last minute deals on upcoming courses


Goethe-Institut Düsseldorf ($$$$)

  • Location: Stadtmitte, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Starting at 625 Euro for 2 week intesive course*
  • Website: www.goethe.de/duesseldorf
  • Goethe offers accommodations if required, virtual tours and company courses for businesses


Volkshochschule Düsseldorf

  • Location: Stadtmitte, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Prices not available online
  • Website: www.duesseldorf.de/vhs/
  • Volkshochschule is a city run language school, contact them for prices as the websites not easy to navigate


Linguarama Sprachschule Düsseldorf

  • Location: Stadtmitte, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Prices not available online
  • Website: www.linguarama.com
  • Linguarama offers half day and full day intensive courses in Düsseldorf



  • Location: Stadtmitte, Düsseldorf & Heerdt, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: Prices not available online
  • Website: www.dues-eckert.de
  • Düseckert is a licensed provider certified by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, exemption forms are available


*Please be advised that prices are always subject to change. I researched these prices in June 2016 for your convenience.

Have you been to one of these German language courses before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments section below so that others can take your advice! Are there any other German language courses to add to the list? Let us know!

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