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We all need the internet, right? So, it’s time to start talking about internet contracts in Germany!

While the process of actually registering for the internet is all done online in German, we have Google translate to thank for making the process a heck of a lot easier.

Now it’s up to you to follow this post, step-by-step, to make sure you find the best internet contract for your needs.


Step 1: Find an internet contract that you like

There are tons of internet providers offering their services in Düsseldorf, so it might not always be an easy choice, but thankfully Germany has some great comparison websites that help you compare prices and offers at the click of a button. You can edit the search results based on your location, pricing, speed, etc.

If you’d like to get a basic overview of some of the local favorites, here’s a list of the most popular internet providers around Düsseldorf:

  • Vodafone (rated #1 expat favorite + UnityMedia and Vodafone are now one company)
  • O2
  • Telekom


Again, it is definitely worth your time to compare these services to make sure that you’re getting the best price for the best package.

Basic packages can range anywhere from 15 – 50 Euros per month, but if you purchase a special offer as a new customer, you can find some awesome deals. Just be aware that some of these specials only last for a couple of years and then your monthly fees will be set to the standard price.

For example, I have a plan with Vodafone for 13 Euro per month as I registered as a new user. However, in 2 years’ time, this monthly fee will be 29,99 (which is still a good price, but there are cheaper options). My plan is to make the switch to a new provider after 2 years or simply contact Vodafone and downgrade to a cheaper package. 


Step 2: Purchase the package 

Purchasing the package online is very simple to do. You simply enter all your personal information, the address where the internet will be set up, and include all your payment details. You will likely also be asked about your preferred date of connection (for example, you can choose to set up your internet next month on the morning of the 23rd).


Step 3: Wait for a confirmation

The internet provider will be able to contact you in a few days to let you know if the preferred date of connection works and to let you know that your payment has indeed gone through. Once you’ve received confirmation, make sure you note this date down in a calendar and be sure not to miss it, as you will need to be present when the technician comes to install your internet.


Step 4: Receive the router

The router often arrives at your flat before the technician does, but in some cases, you might need to wait a bit before the package arrives. Plugging in your router is pretty simple, choose where in the apartment/house is the best spot to set up the router and then connect the cables.


Step 5: The technician comes to your location to install the internet

This step is super simple, just open the door and let the technician do their work. Actually, oftentimes, the technician might not even need to enter your apartment in order to connect you to their services, they can often do it from outside your home. However, it’s still important that you’re present in case they do need access to your flat.

While it might be intimidating to do this all on your own, you’d be surprised how many people in Germany actually speak English. So, if you aren’t well equipped in the German language yet, don’t be afraid to ask if it’s okay to speak in English. 


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