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We have to admit that Düsseldorf’s dining scene is very diverse and can satisfy the most demanding of palates, whether it is Asian food or a regional cuisine of South America you are in for.

For those who, like me, equally enjoy crafting your own dinner, the city boasts some very international grocery stores to source ingredients from. The following list covers the major regions and international shops found in Düsseldorf.

If you think there’s anything else that I need to add let the team know!

For those of you who love international cuisine, but hate cooking, there are some fantastic meal prep kits that you can get delivered to your door that are worth a try!


Here are some of the best international grocery stores in the city!


European | French: Chez Jean Luc

Wine and cheese are the popular French specialties and can be found nearly everywhere these days. On the other hand, if a big jar of French cornichons or French terrines is what you are looking for and cannot find anywhere else in Dusseldorf, you should visit Chez Jean-Luc in the beautiful Carlsplatz market at stand C10. The stand owner is a native French who sources all her products from France. The stand upholds the reputation of high-quality products one is accustomed to at the Carlsplatz market.


European | Greek/Mediterranean: Nik the Greek

Just across the Rhein in Meerbusch, Nik the Greek brings us the best of Mediterranean products. Although they are mainly a restaurant supplier, many Düsseldorfers still make it across the river to shop there. As a bonus, they have a fresh fish section where you can get fresh oysters. They also have a smaller shop in Rheinpark Neuss which can easily be accessed with tram line 709.


European | Italian: Bella Italia

The saying goes that very few ingredients are needed to achieve tasty Italian food, the secret though lies in having exceptional quality Italian ingredients. Bella Italia has all the different pasta shapes you cannot find at your local supermarket, plus they have fresh mozzarella di bufalla. As a bonus, you can get home-made quality tiramisu to treat yourself to an awesome “Nachspeise”.


Middle-Eastern | Turkish: Onur Supermarkt

Onur Supermarkt is an unmissable sight and a well-known shopping spot right on Bilker Allee in Unterbilk. The colorful fruit and vegetable palettes displayed outside looks almost like a market you would find in Turkey. Other than fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year, they have a butcher section which offers Halal meat, different cuts of lamb, beef and chicken, and even pre-marinated skewers. You can find any spices called for in Middle-Eastern cuisines, but you should definitely not miss the famous Turkish bagel-like Simit from their newly opened bakery.


Middle Eastern | Moroccan: Nador Market

If you are looking for fresh Moroccan mint or some preserved lemons for a perfect Marrakesh like tagine, Nador Market in lively Oberbilk is the right place to hit. They also have a butcher and fresh fish section. But the definite win is their Msmen, a flat flaky bread which Moroccans serve at breakfast.


Middle-Eastern | Persian: Safran Supermarket

Persian cuisine is known for its perfectly cooked fluffy rice served with a crispy crust when overturned. If you want to have a go at cooking Persian dishes, you will find all sorts of rice and Iranian food at Safran Supermarket on Kolner Strasse. As their name implies, you can find Iranian saffron as well there. Iranian saffron is considered one of the best quality in the world.


Middle Eastern | Jewish/Israeli: Lechaim Düsseldorf

Lechaim is one of the only places where you can find Kosher products in Düsseldorf. Kosher foods are specifically prepared and served as per Jewish dietary laws. They also have other ingredients coming from the Holy Land.


Asian | Japanese/Korean: Hanaro Markt

If you are long enough in Düsseldorf, you’ll know the legend that Düsseldorf has one of the largest Japanese populations outside of Japan, and luckily for us, this means we get to taste their heart-warming cuisine which is more than just Sushi and soups. Hanaro Market is actually a Korean owned market, but also has a seriously great selection of Japanese products too. It is not difficult to miss when you exit the Oststraße U-Bahn stop and is always crowded because they have everything you would ever want from Japan and Korea.


Asian | Chinese: Tat’s Asia

This well-hidden gem on Furstenwall perfectly located in between Bilk and Friedrichstadt is one of the biggest Asian grocery stores you will find in Düsseldorf. Just like Nik the Greek, they are a wholesale supplier but they also sell directly to customers. You will find all sorts of sauces and dried ingredients for Chinese cuisine. I personally fancy their ready-made packages for Tom Yam, the popular Thai soup base.


Asian | Indian: Kashmir Store

Kashmir Store, close to the main station is a small but well-packed shop offering Indian grocery items. They have all the popular Indian spices in big packages at quite affordable prices. The bonus though would be their Mithai section, sweets, and desserts prepared from milk as per Indian traditions. If you cannot find what you are looking for at Kashmir Store, there are a few more South East Asian ones along Ackerstrasse.


East-European | Supermarkt Continent

Continent is if not the only, the most popular grocery store our fellow expats from East Europe visit to get their home ingredients. Continent has Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian food as well. People often talk about their hot food section where you can taste the popular Russian Borsch soup.


Latin American | Brazilian: Mercado Tropical

To put together some home-made Tacos, head over to Mercado Tropical on Munsterstrasse. They offer various Latino ingredients which are exactly as if you are in South America, especially their salsas and Dulce de Leche. Take note of their opening hours before heading out though as they do not open at the same time every day.


Now that you have all these addresses, your Saturday shopping marathon will get even better (or worse depending on how you see it because you would then run to 5 different places to shop from every corner of the world). And DON’T FORGET! Stores are closed on Sundays (here’s what is open though)!

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