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If we had to ask 10 different people their appreciation of the world’s top cuisines, each one of these rankings would be substantially different. But, do you know which country’s food would most likely pull itself in all 10 of these lists? Indian cuisine!

It is time for some aromatic curries and perfectly steamed rice as recommended by our expat-foodies on our Life in Düsseldorf Facebook group. No matter your level of spice-tolerance, or whether you prefer eating in or delivery, we are sure you will find in our top 5 Indian restaurants in Düsseldorf list, a curry to your liking.


Kirti’s Dhaba

The word dhaba represents popular eateries of India, feeding the masses day and night on wholesome and authentic dishes.

Dhabas have a specific flair to them, like home-food away from home, and this is exactly how people describe the food at Kirti’s Dhaba. The menu boasts the usual Indian restaurant-style fares, such as the famous Chicken Tikka Masala or Palak Paneer, soft cheese cubes in a creamy spinach sauce. What is different at Kirti’s though is that you can taste the subtle flavors of spices in each dish, no overpowering use of chili to scare people away!

Their Düsseltal location is relatively compact and cozy, whilst their second restaurant in the Medienhafen is much more spacious and upscale.

Buffet: Kirti’s Restaurant, Medienhafen, 12 pm to 3 pm on Saturdays.

Buffet: Kirti’s Dhaba, Düsseltal, 12 pm to 3 pm on Sundays.

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There are a bunch of Indian restaurants in the direct vicinity of the Hauptbahnhof, close to the Indian grocery store, Kashmir Store. Rajdarbaar demarks itself from the crowd easily by associating perfectly executed food with friendly service.

Other the traditional meat options such as Butter Chicken or Kormas, Rajdarbaar has several “thalis”, a set meal of different vegetable curries beautifully served in a metal plate and eaten with rice or some Indian bread. For the best possible experience, you should try eating with your bare hands.

As compared to other places on this list, they have a rather large offering of vegetarian meals.

Buffet: 12 pm to 3 pm on Sundays

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Indian Restaurant Jaipur

Home-cooked Indian meals, as compared to restaurant-style ones, are hearty and comforting, and rarely found outside of India. Jaipur’s menu tries to replicate this feeling of homemade food.

They have several dishes prepared with Okra, a crunchy and very often under-rated vegetable. Jaipur also serves Bhatura, a deep-fried leavened bread, commonly eaten with chickpea curry. The bread and the curries eaten together is known as Chole Bhatura, a popular breakfast option amongst the working masses. It might not be as luxurious as a Biryani, but it offers an authentic experience of Indian cuisine as it is in India.

Although the restaurant is quite small, it has been particularly recommended by our readers.

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Mayur Düsseldorf

Mayur brings exotic colours and flavours to the multitude of reputable restaurants in the Carlsplatz/Altstadt surroundings. The place is always packed, lunch and dinner.

The menu is extensive with plenty of tandoori options, chicken, lamb or fish, all of them lengthily marinated then cooked in a special oven at very high temperatures resulting in a light smokey flavour. Tandoori is a popular restaurant dish because they cannot be easily replicated at home.

Mayur has a lunch menu with many different North Indian curries offered at reasonable and popular prices. The food quality is consistent, just keep in mind that they are on the spicier side of the Indian food spectrum.

Buffet: 12 pm to 3 pm on Sundays

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Manju is conveniently located in the basement food court of Sevens on Königsallee, an ideal spot for lunch.

The display is colorful, full of different curries and Indian snacks and drinks for you to choose from, either in boxes to go or on the spot.

Their Mango Chicken, Beef Bhuna or the Madras Chicken are a modern and simplified twist on Indian cuisine, the flavours are nevertheless authentic. The food is neither too spicy, therefore it can be a good start for someone trying out Indian cuisine for the first time. They have a few made to order options such as the creamy Chicken Korma or the famous Biryani, which is not the slow-cooked version, but equally luxurious.

To make the flavours more intense, help yourself to some of the chutneys they offer, either sweet, spicy or sour.

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These few restaurants we put together should help you sample the subtle and diverse cuisine of India. We are still on the hunt for a proper South Indian restaurant, where vegetables and dosas, which are paper-thin crepes are properly celebrated. If you have any such place to be recommended, we are listening.

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