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There are many reasons you may want to hide your VPN while you’re in Germany. It’s kind of like having liability insurance for your online presence – protecting you and your online presence from danger. I laughed at the thought of having insurance in case I spill coffee on someone’s iPhone or knock off a rearview mirror while on my bike (what are the chances that’ll happen?)… but then it happened and I realized for less than 50 Euros per yearwhy not? Similarly, a VPN has your butt covered when you’re surfing the web – protecting you and your online data. I also experienced being hacked and only wish I had of had a VPN back then.

However, VPNs in Germany can be quite a grey area which leaves many to believe that they are actually illegal.

Simple answer – VPNs are not illegal in Germany, in fact, they are to some extent, actually encouraged.

Why? Well, as you may already know, Germany takes privacy laws very seriously, and if there is a way where we can help keep our online data safe, then even more of a reason to encourage getting a VPN.

However, the grey area comes into play when people start talking about getting a VPN to simply gain access to some English TV programs. In that case, there are other alternatives if you don’t want to enter those “grey territories”. Purchasing a VPN with the intention of blocking your IP address brings up copyright issues, and although the government has yet to come down on those breaching these laws, there is always a possibility.


What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This virtual private network allows you to create exactly that, a private network within a public network. By using a VPN, you’re ensuring a secure internet connection regardless of where you go – a café, the library, an airport. Most people use VPNs to…

  • Hide from any hackers on the same Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Hide their IP address to remain anonymous
  • Prevent being logged while you share files with others

Some more information about why you should consider a VPN:


Are there bad VPN providers?

Having a VPN is never a bad idea, but there are certainly a few VPNs you may want to avoid.

There are no bad VPN providers, but the free VPN websites aren’t always as reputable as the paid ones, they are also often much slower. If you’re looking for a secure VPN, do yourself a favor and spend a few Euros each month on a reputable one. Often times FREE = lack of customer security, meaning they may be selling your data.


What are the best VPN providers when living in Germany?



NordVPN is one of the oldest players in the VPN game. They offer 24/7 online chat support and ensure that their system is fast enough for HD streaming.

Price: Starting at 3,10 Euros/month*
Money-back Guarantee: 30 Days



CyberGhost offers an easy to install and easy to use system. They also have excellent server speeds and ensure that all the security settings are switched on by default so you aren’t left questioning if you’ve done everything you could to protect your data.

Price: Starting at 3,29 Euros/month*
Money-back Guarantee: 45 Days


Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass (HMA) is a relatively popular VPN website that you may have already heard of before. While it’s not the absolute cheapest option, they are a tried and loved product around the world. Their VPN is fast and reliable, also keeping no traffic logs.

Price: Starting at 3,69 Euros/month*
Money-back Guarantee: 30 Days



In comparison to other VPN providers, IPVanish is relatively cheap which is definitely their strong point. Their servers are fast and keep no traffic logs.

Price: Starting at 3,72 Euros/month*
Money-back Guarantee: 7 Days



PureVPN has a very easy user interface which makes figuring out the system quite simple. They also offer family plans if you intend on using more than one device. Their speeds are great and they keep no log files.

Price: Starting at 3,75 Euros/month*
Money-back Guarantee: 30 Days



EXPRESSVPN is fast, unblocks many geo-restricted areas, and still offers them with HD speed and keeps no traffic logs. Their encryption is military-grade. They offer 24/7 online chat support.

Price: Starting at 7,50 Euros/month*
Money-back Guarantee: 30 days

TIP: Sometimes if you’ve already clicked on the link and allow for Google Ads to track your online browsing, Google Ads and Facebook ads promote even cheaper monthly prices from some of the above-mentioned VPN providers.

* Prices are always subject to change 

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