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The Best Student Neighbourhoods in Düsseldorf

November 16, 2017

Düsseldorf is full of exciting places to discover. Of course, depending on what your taste of adventure is, certain areas of the city will be better for you than others. There are some cool areas for students that might make your stay in the city even better. That’s why Katrin Lindenbauer from HousingAnywhere is here to share with us the best districts to get the ultimate student life experience in Düsseldorf.

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Bilk, Düsseldorf

To reach Bilk, you have to go to the south of the city center. If you prefer to be close to Heinrich Heine University, you will probably enjoy staying in Bilk during your student’s life. In general, Bilk is a lively and highly populated area in Düsseldorf and you can find a lot of students and other people from abroad there. Do you like going out at night? Then you will find countless opportunities there to explore Düsseldorf by night, the underground scene and experience the German culture and party people.

Moreover, the area has an abundance of places to get cheap drinks and food, which makes it even more attractive for students who want to spend less on pricey restaurants. Bilk is also great for those who enjoy having some nature around them. There are a lot of green areas as well. Bilk also accommodates a small canal that is flowing down the center with a nice avenue at the street “Die Karolinger”.


Hafen, Düsseldorf

The Hafen is, as the name says (in German), the area where the harbour of Düsseldorf is located. Due to historical events, this area has experienced a lot of changes and has now become quite a modern district to live.

There are many bars, restaurants, and clubs welcoming you to delicious lunches and evenings out. Of course, this is quite attractive for the younger population, so it is also a great area for students (though you’ll need to be willing to spend a bit more on accommodations here). You definitely won’t get bored in the Media Harbour. Moreover, several media companies settled there, which might offer you the door to a side job during your studies. The inhabitants of the Hafen are on average 34-years old which also shows that the area has a lot to offer for younger residents.


Flingern, Düsseldorf

Another nice part of the city is Flingern which is located in the East of the inner city of Düsseldorf.  It is characterized by its rather young population. In particular, the north part of Flingern is popular among the younger generation. There, you can find a lot of opportunities to stroll along cool shopping streets and enjoy a coffee. Acker-, Birken-, and Hoffeldstraße are really nice shopping streets too. However, Flingern is not only about shopping, but it is also characterized by historical events that took place and is nowadays a top spot for street art. If you like creative traits, you will enjoy the district even more. The Grafenberger forest is close by and is perfect for enjoying a walk in nature and through woods.


Pempelfort, Düsseldorf

Do you like a good mix between green and urbanity? If yes, then you might feel really comfortable in Pempelfort. This district is located in the west of Düsseldorf directly at the river Rhein. Of course, that makes the area attractive to a lot of people but brings higher rental prices with it. Nevertheless, it is quite popular among students. There are a lot of cozy shops and lovely galleries that shape the picture of this area. You can find everything you need for your daily life. Especially the Nordstraße, which is a quite vivid and prominent street, but there are still a lot of cool backyards that host small shops as well. Pempelfort is one the art centers of Düsseldorf and, thus, great for art lovers.

Regardless of who you are and where you fit in, you will certainly find a neighborhood that suits your preferences in Düsseldorf. You will also probably spend also a lot of time in the historical and older part of the city called the “Altstadt” if you enjoy late nights and parties. After finding out which areas fit you, it’s important to find your own cozy place that you can call home for a while. If you are looking for support and suggestions in finding your place, feel free to check out, an online platform specialized in helping students, interns and young professionals find accommodations that fit their needs and budgets.

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