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The Best Restaurants in Düsseldorf for Your Healthy Cravings

January 18, 2018

You’re definitely not the only one who has “live a healthier lifestyle and/or lose weight” written down on your New Year’s resolution list. Luckily, in Düsseldorf, there are plenty of healthy food options. Thus, you can even lose your winter pounds while going out and enjoying the most delicious food options. ????

Maria Holtz, Düsseldorfer and Founder of midine (a restaurant matching system), is back to help you find the best healthy, tasty and alternative food options around Düsseldorf.


Fast & Healthy Restaurants in Düsseldorf

When you are busy in town and want to pop in somewhere for a quick lunch there are a number of very good options. Here are just a few: 

  • Sattgrün
    Sattgrün is situated at Graf-Adolf Platz, in the Media Harbour and in Flingern, and offers exclusively vegan-based food. It is definitely one of the best buffet restaurants in town if you’re on a health kick. The buffet contains an extensive array of soups, salad and curry to choose from.
  • Woyton
    A lot of people know Woyton because of its coffee, but did you know that you can also get great salads at really fair prices here? You can use the pre-order system online, mix your own salad and pick it up in store. I love the quality and the great variation of the ingredients.
  • Ida & Frida
    To all commuters out there, this eatery is located at the main train station and offers healthy takeaway food for breakfast and for lunch as well as cold-pressed fresh juices. The quality is awesome.


Juiceries in Düsseldorf 

Whether you’re on the go, or on a detox/cleanse, there are a number of great juiceries in the cities. Here are just a couple of my favorite:

  • Greeny in a bottle
    Greeny in a bottle offers raw pressed juices, special detox smoothies and smoothie bowls. Their specialty is green smoothies that are particularly low in calories and very rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Saftladen (juice bar) at Carlsplatz
    This little treasure offers a variety of raw pressed juices at incredibly fair prices. They have been in business for more than 24 years and we hope they will be around for the next 24 years too!

Healthy Lunch Options in Düsseldorf

If you’re looking for a place to meet friends or join up with colleagues at lunch, there are a few excellent options around the city of Düsseldorf.

  • Lina’s Coffee
    Lina’s Coffee Brew Bar & Deli is situated in Friedrichstadt and offers healthy options for lunch at reasonable prices. My tip? Go for the chili sin carne, a Buddha bowl or an oriental chicken salad. Every day there is a changing lunch special. A lot of people meet here not only for lunch but also for a healthy breakfast.
  • Birdie & Co.
    This little treasure in Pempelfort is famous for its healthy lunch options with quinoa, superfoods & Co. One specialty is the high-quality coffee, supplied by the Dusseldorf coffee company Schvarz.
  • Aloha POKE
    Poke bowls, originally from Hawaii have found their way to Düsseldorf. Aloha POKE is located in Unterbilk and defintely work trying out! There are many vegetarian options as well.


Looking for a few more tips?

Here are a few pieces of advice to integrating a healthy diet into your daily lifestyle (please note: be sure to check with your nutritionist or doctor before going on a detox or fast):

  • Go for protein
    Protein is absolutely essential for a countless amount of body functions, so do not cut on protein when going on a diet. Protein helps to control your appetite and therefore, actively supporting your diet.
  • Take a detox cure on the weekend
    For those who want to go on an intense body cleanse with quick results, you may want to try a body detox over a long weekend. Here you only live on raw juice variations that provide the essential vitamins, minerals and the energy that you need. This diet is accompanied by unsweetened tea and plenty of water.
  • Try out intermittent fasting
    If you cannot afford to be on an intense diet or detox, you can try the intermittent fasting method. Fasting can often support weight loss while improving metabolic health. There are many different variations to choose from, make sure you choose the one that is right for your lifestyle.


Have any other restaurants you would like to add to the list? Perhaps Laura’s Deli or Greentrees? Send us your tips in the comments section below.

Do you have more questions about living #LifeInDüsseldorf? Feel free to send us an email with your question at If you have tips you’d like to share with others, we’re also accepting guest posts which include the author’s name, bio and photo. 

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