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Blink and you have passed through Grafenberg, located on the Eastern District of Düsseldorf, at the foothills of Bergisches Land. But, don’t be fazed by the size, as it is densely populated; therefore, full of little gems. Eyes wide open! Just drive along Grafenberg Allee as most shops and restaurants are located within 5 minutes’ walk of each other. The piece de resistance culminates at Staufenplatz, turn left and follow the trees all the way up to the Grafenberg Forrest, you won’t be disappointed.

Local Düsseldorfer and expat, Heidi Kincaid-Askanazy, has been living in Grafenberg for the last 12 years and has a ton of amazing things to share about the beautiful district. Take a read for yourself!

Grafenberger Wald
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What are the 5 best food spots in Grafenberg?

Konditorie Café Decker

Old fashioned interior, so not the hippest place to hang out, better to order your beyond delicious cakes, cookies, and tortes to take home.

Cafe Rika

Japanese, this started as a hole in the wall, very tiny with two tables, now through two renovations, it can accommodate more than 10 tables. Excellent Japanese food but no sushi.

Bazaar Café

Located in the small mall near Metro cash and carry, similar to the Bazaar Café in the Altstadt, but much bigger. Famous for their brunches, sublime coffee and lunchtime specials, a hangout place for Metro employees.


Looking for a restaurant for a large group? Then this is for you. A restored old train station with an amazing interior, and terrace in summer, but overpriced pizza and slow service.

Gut Wolfsaap

After a long hike, you’ll want to stop off at Gut Wolfsap. A hidden gem in Grafenberger Wald, you can access it on foot through the forest or go by car (Baunenhäuser Weg 100). Traditional German food, very yummy, with good value for your money. Kids can run around outside by the horses stable, parents can have a drink nearby on the patio. Very chilled!


What are the best sights to see and entertainment in Grafenberg?

Grafenberger Wald (Forest)

Near the Grafenberg Horse track, loads of great picnic places, hiking trails, biking, or hanging out with the wild animals in the park. The pigs like to eat raw spaghetti and the kids can feed them. Also, feeding the deer is allowed. Training areas, playgrounds, and special paths for jumping with mountain bikes.

Grafenberg Rennbahn – Horse Racing

In August they have their annual Preis der Diana which is a huge race sponsored by Henkel. Semi-famous Dusseldorfers are known to go there attempting to recreate Ascot, crazy hats galore! Kiddie activities available, and parents can sip some champagne while placing bets and watching the races.

Cosmo Sports

Located just on the borders of Grafenberg and Gerresheim, indoor sporting facility with everything; spa, bowling, football (soccer) squash courts, etc. Great for kid’s birthday parties. You can also find some awesome coupons and discounts for these kinds of activities on Groupon too!


What are your favorite shops in Grafenberg?

Mathildes Spielekiste

It has really cool toys for kids (you can find more toy stores on Life in Düsseldorf’s list of 40+ indoor things to do with toddlers in DUS).

B2 Optics

Bettina will help you with finding the right specs, glasses, or contact lenses, she can test your eyes as well. Excellent service!


Japanese florist, very creative flower arranging, located next to Rizza Japanese restaurant on Grafenberg allee.

Metro Cash & Carry

Grafenberg is home to headquarters of Metro Cash & Carry, international distributors. A massive wholesale store selling everything from food to stationery, but unfortunately only for small businesses and not the average Joe who wants to go grocery shopping. If you have a friend who works at Metro and you are lucky to get a card, it is worth taking advantage of.


Perhaps you’re also a Grafenberg local! Would you add anything else to this list?! Feel free to let us know in the comments section below! 

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