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Amazing Flea Markets in Düsseldorf

July 25, 2016

There are a few people in the community who consistently like to complain about Düsseldorf being an expensive city. I’m here to tell you how I furnished a 75 square metre apartment with less than 1,000 Euro.

There are so many amazing flea markets in Dusseldorf worth exploring which offer some awesome (and sometimes brand new) second-hand items for your home. I buy birthday presents there, I buy Christmas presents there, and my entire wardrobe consists of 2 Euro finds at the flea market.

So, in order to inspire you to shop a little more thrifty while enjoying a wonderful day outside in the city, here’s a list of some of the most amazing flea markets in Dusseldorf.


Aachener Platz Trödelmarkt

Location: Ulenbergstraße 10, 40223, Düsseldorf
Opening Times: Every Saturday, 8:00 AM until about 3:oo PM or 4:00 PM

Trödelmarkt Aachener Platz can quite often be referred to as “that market that sells used bikes cheap”. Yes, that’s true, but there are tons of other neat finds here as well. There are a few isles of new one-of-a-kind items, but there are many more isles of awesome second-hand items. Everyones opening for a good bargain, so if you’re not fluent in German yet, that’s a great way to practice.


Trödel- & Sammlermarkt Düsseldorf P1

Location: Arena-Straße 1, 40474, Düsseldorf (Messeparkplatz P1 in the Esprit Arena)
Opening Times: Stay updated on their Facebook Events page

The P1 Trödelmarkt/flea market is quite a large one and I always recommend you wearing runners and some sports clothes to get ready to shop. There are over 500 vendors in attendance and while the place is quite massive, there are tons of bargains to be found (not to mention amazing local food vendors).



Location: Ulmenstr. 275, 40468, Düsseldorf
Opening Times: officially 11:00am – 6:00pm (however, most people show up around 8:00am and tear down around 3:00pm). You can check out the Düsseldorf website for upcoming dates.

Most people call this the Großmarkt (Grossmarkt). It’s been around since the 1970’s and is a huge flea market where you’ll find tons of cheap items, but also so very cool and unique historical items worth a little more. If you’re looking for a one-stop furniture shop, you’ll be sure to find your entire apartments worth of furniture here.


Trödelmarkt & Kindersachenmarkt Bürgerhaus

Location: Kappelerstr. 231, Reisholz, 40599, Düsseldorf
Opening Times: Find upcoming events on Marktcom.de

This flea market is a stylish market open for second-hand furniture, clothing and children’s goods. There are some tasty cafe’s and drink stops along the way.


Schützenplatz Frankfurter Str. (Garath)

Location: Frankfurter Straße, Garath, 40595, Düsseldorf
Opening Times: Sunday’s from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM (double-check on Marktcom.de)

Local flea market finds here. I’ve never been to this one so if you have, let us know what you can find at this market on Sunday’s in the comment section below.


Trödelmarkt at OBI Baumarkt

Location: Königsbergerstraße 87, Lierenfeld, 40231, Düsseldorf
Opening Times: Usually every 4th Sunday (double-check on Marktcom.de)

This market is smaller than the P1 and Großmarkt events, but it’s a great market to explore when you’re not ready for a massive crowd of people. There’s quite an array of different things you’ll find here, house gadgets, clothes, sports equipment and more.


Trödelmarkt Schützenplatz Düsseldorf-Rath

Location: Rather Broich, Rath, 40472, Düsseldorf
Opening Times: Once a month usually on the third or fourth Sunday of the month (double-check on marktcom.de)

A smaller market, but you’ll find everything from antiques to crafts to clothes to furniture to house decor and plants. This is a nice market to spend a relaxing Sunday at, in the summer months.

There are also quite a few other pop-up flea markets (especially throughout the summer months). If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of these flea markets don’t have their own websites but can be found on marktcom.de. This is a hub for upcoming markets around the city and you’ll find even the one-off events pop up on this page.

Have any others you’d like to add? Leave a comment below with the name, opening times and location for everyone else to explore too!

If you’re looking for some other great places to shop around Düsseldorf (or to help furnish your apartment), check out IKEA, Dänishches Bettenlager, or TEDI!

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  1. Reply


    January 20, 2017

    Dear Jenna

    Thank you so much for this article. It is great!
    I would like to buy a “old” furniture, maybe a nightsand , and a closet for books. Also old cups of coffe..What market your recommend me for this? Perhaps Radschlägerarkt? thank you and cogratulations for your great job! Lali

    • Reply

      Jenna Davis

      January 24, 2017

      Hey there Lali,

      Yes, the Radschlägermarkt is a great one – you can spend HOURS there and still not get through the whole market. Alternatively, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of second-hand furniture shops around Düsseldorf (Carita’s is my favorite and where I bought almost all my furniture… for VERY little money). I put a list together of all the second-hand furniture shops in Düsseldorf, so I’m sure you’ll find it useful: https://lifeinduesseldorf.com/finding-second-hand-furniture-dusseldorf/

      All the best,


  2. Reply

    Jenna Davis

    January 23, 2018

    Hi there Nasser,

    You can get all the official dates of the fleamarkets on http://www.marktcom.de.




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