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Like many others, I’ve had my fair share of German “Kaffee und Kuchen“, heaps of gouda cheese, and some of the best ice cream while living in Düsseldorf. Here’s a little inspiration to get us back into the swing of fitness while living in Düsseldorf. Because I know I’m not the only one on a budget, here is a price comparison of the fitness gyms in Dusseldorf (conveniently from cheapest to most expensive).

ALERT: As per usual around the world, it can be difficult to get out of a gym contract while you’re in it. If you make the decision to purchase a membership, make sure you’ve done the research ahead of time to know when and how you can get out of the contract. There are some exceptions to the rules, but not many. If you are currently looking to cancel a gym membership and you’re deadline to cancel is coming up soon, let Aboalarm do the cancellation for you, so you can spend your time looking for a better gym option (or skip gyms all together and use an app)!


Fitness Gyms in Dusseldorf



  • Price: 19,90 Euro/month [based on 12 month contract]
  • Location: Bilk, Lierenfeld, Ratingen, Neuss
  • Features: Open 24/7, supervisors on staff, pause your contract for up to 9 months/year, free on-site trainer care


Maxx Gym

  • Price: Starting at 19,95 Euro/month [note: there’s a quarterly fee of 12,50, you must sign up for 2 years, and buy the 19,95 Euro club card]
  • Location: Heinz-Schmöle Str. [near the HBF]
  • Features: Pilates, yoga, courses, free parking, drink flat-rate, sauna, massage chair


FitX Fitnessstudio

  • Price: 20 Euro/month
  • Location: Flingern, Derendorf, Lörick, Holthausen, Ratingen, Krefeld
  • Features: Open 24/7, free on-site trainer care, drink bar, free showers, free parking


John Reed Fitness

  • Price: Starting at 25 Euro/month
  • Location: Friedrichstadt & Bilk
  • Features: Free trials, live courses, cyberobics, ladies area, functional training, comfy lounges


Mrs. Sporty

  • Price: 43,99 Euro/month
  • Location: Unterbilk, Pemplefort, Garath, Gerresheim, Ratingen
  • Features: Women only (hence, Mrs.), free consultation, 1 free trial day


Fitness First

  • Price: starting at 44,99 Euro/month
  • Location: Königsallee, Schadowstrasse, Aachener Str., Derendorferallee, Rather Str., Bonner Str.
  • Features: Childcare, 3 free trial days (voucher online), some women clubs, 1,000+ fitness course/month,
  • Note: some features may vary based on location


EVO Fitness

  • Price: starting at 49 Euro/month
  • Location: Düsseltal
  • Features: Boutique gym, 1 free trial day, open 365 days a year, no commitment (easy cancellation)


Just Fit

  • Price: Starting at 59,90 Euro/month
  • Location: Düsseldorf Arcaden [Bilk]
  • Features: Prevention course (back and heart disease), group courses, personal training, youth fitness, firm fitness, 1 trial day [10 – 20 Euro]

Since I have not been to all of these gyms in Dusseldorf myself, I have used this information from what they offer online (some prices harder to find for obvious reason). I ask more now than ever that if you’ve found they charge more upon arrival, offer poor services or offer more than what I’ve credited them for, please leave a comment below!


Want in on a little secret?

There are many more ways to get in your exercise while living Life in Düsseldorf, consider checking out the many sports groups, soccer/football clubs, badminton courts, etc. around the area. Getting a little more specific, here is my personal secret for working out for free! 


Sport im Park

The city of Düsseldorf actually provides a “sport in the park” workout opportunity for FREE! It stars on May 2, 2016 – October 9, 2016, this year (dates may vary by year). Workouts are run almost every day in locations across the city.

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