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Weekend Getaway: Exploring Freiburg

March 2, 2016

While I recently spent a short weekend back in my old stomping grounds (Freiburg), I figured it was about time I shine some light on this beautiful little city.

In an effort to show my Canadian friends some of Freiburg’s most German traditions, I looked back on my 8 months spent in Freiburg to come up with some of the best ways you can experience Freiburg in the most German way possible.

Freiburg is a 4.5 hour drive by car, and only 3.5 hours away when you hop on the ICE (I’ve managed to score 19 Euro tickets too!).


Visit a Fußball Game

Though I cannot vouch for the Freiburg soccer team here (currently sitting in the second league), it’s still certainly worth attending. Regardless of the level of soccer played in Freiburg, you’ll always receive the traditional celebrations you were hoping for. Be prepared for an overdose of pretzels and beer while the crowd chance in unison across the arena.

FreiburgOkay, this isn’t a Freiburg game, but you get the point. 


Head to Martin’s Bräu for Dinner

Head into the Altstadt and find Martin’s Bräu if you’re looking for some real traditional German food. I know my father’s favourite is the schweinshaxe (pork knuckle), which is apparently a delicious option here. Not to mention, it’s a brewery, so be sure to indulge in some German beer before, during and after your meal!



Walk the Cobble Stone Streets in the Altstadt

This was a past time favourite of mine, in order to get a sense of the city, I would walk on foot through the old town until I lost myself. I found some of the cutest little diners and corner stores by doing so and I was able to find some wonderful spots to return for some dinner and shopping.



Visit Schlappen for a Meter of Beer & Das Boot

Though I’m not often in many bars, Schlappen was one place I brought my family a couple years back and they absolutely loved it. It is located in the centre of the old town and is about 10 steps from the tram stop. I know for a fact that Schlappen sells some delicious beer both by the meter and in Das Boot(you know what I’m talking about).



Take the Schauinslandbahn up into the Schwarzwald

Grab a ride up in the Schauinslandbahn for an incredible view of the city or a wonderful hike through the Black Forest. If you’re driving yourself, you can also head up into the forest by car and visit some of the beautiful German restaurants hidden throughout the woods.



Indulge in some Black Forest Cake

Need I say more? Mmmm..mmmm…mmmm! You can find black forest cake in the city centre at many of the more traditional bakeries, or you can grab a slice once you’ve reached the top of the gondola in the Schwarzwald.



Take a Vespa Ride through the City

You’ll likely have to find a rental company if you’re looking to explore by vespa. The cities old town is small enough to explore by foot, but sometimes it’s fun to ride around with the wind blowing in your hair as you’re sightseeing your way through the city.


These were certainly some of my most fond memories in Freiburg and I was thrilled to be able to be a tourist once again. No matter how often I visit a place (big or small) I always manage to find some new and exciting things to explore in the area.

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