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Many of you might recognize the name Elisa Stella, the super active and supportive woman who often answers all your questions on the Expat Facebook pages. Well, today, I asked Elisa a little bit more about her business, ELP-Expat, so that you can learn more about her services and how she might be able to help you get settled in Düsseldorf.

Elisa has also written featured posts on Life in Düsseldorf including: where to donate your used goods, making the choice between international and national schools, what to do if your bike is stollen, and many more!

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What is ELP-Expat all about?

ELP-Expat supports expatriates and their employers in the Düsseldorf Area in order to facilitate their integration process: e.g. public authorities, translation, relocation, etc.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Elisa Pugliese, trilingual (German, Italian, English). I was born in Italy but moved abroad in 1984, first to China, then to Italy, then to the UK and since 2007, I now live in Germany.

I have earned a BA degree in Communications, and after many years of working for international companies, I attended a German Master’s program in Social Management. I am a language mediator at the BAMF-Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, and a volunteer at DRK. I have attended several training programs related to migration topics and migration-psychology.


What can you help expats with? 

I will make your new life in Düsseldorf easier! I will speed up the integration process for you, your family, and your profession. Therefore, you will have the utmost enjoyment of your relocation at its best.

For employers, I can manage information and bureaucracy related to work permission, work contracts, and relocation packages.

Why me?

Because of my strong affinity with intercultural relations, my experience in dealing with German institutions, my confidential attitude and understanding of complex situations, and my extensive network of German professionals, I am able to support you in all issues.


Can you tell us exactly what services you offer?


Housing & Family

  • Select the perfect neighborhood for your needs
  • Home Search
  • Translation and review of the rental contract
  • Explanation of law and local habits
  • Contracting of utilities, internet, and landline
  • Childcare, enrollment in kindergarten and school
  • Kindergeld and family support
  • Filling out tax forms, Tax return preparation (in cooperation with German experts)


Bureaucracy & Administration

  • Residence permit and general procedures
  • Health insurance – public or private
  • Information about taxes and income declaration (in cooperation with German experts and advisors)
  • Personal liability insurance. Legal cost insurance. Household insurance and many others, which are usual in Germany (in cooperation with German experts)
  • Changing of driving license, registration of vehicles


Job Search

  • Resume and applications “the German way”
  • Introduction to the labor contract forms in Germany
  • Review of employment contracts
  • Setup of your own business in Germany, legal forms, freelance business regulations and business specifications for the German market


Translation & Interpreting

  • Translation of professional documents, contracts, and paperwork
  • Interpreting services, Language training, Language exchange


I am a natural-born problem solver and lateral thinker. I will find a way to help you out. Translated: my services can be truly personalized.

Have any questions? Visit my website, Facebook page, or simply send me an email

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