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The Best Expat Recommended Meetups in Düsseldorf

June 28, 2018

Moving to a new city/country is an exciting thing, but it always helps to make a few friends in order to help settle yourself in a little bit quicker. It might not always be super easy stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new friends, but there are a number of English speaking clubs and meetups around the city of Düsseldorf that will help you meet a few people without feeling like a newbie or the odd one out.

There are meetups to get you started, meetups for the creatives, meetups for business leaders, meetups for sports fans and meetups just for ladies. Why not take your pick and get on out there? 


Düsseldorf Meetups to Get Started

The Düsseldorf Expat Meetup Group

The Düsseldorf Expat Meetup Group is the ultimate group to join when you’ve first arrived in the city. What better way to meet new friends than by heading to an English pub, grabbing some beers and chatting?! They offer a relaxed way to get to know one another and also allow others to create and host their own events within the Facebook group. During special events and holidays, the admin team puts together awesome events to make sure that we all feel at home here in our new city.



Internations is quite often known as the more formal meetup in Düsseldorf. There is an entry fee at the door (or an annual membership fee), but all the events offer quite a mixed range of expats, both young and old, that are interested in making new friends or business partners.


Düsseldorfer Toastmasters

Toastmasters is a great club to join if you’re looking for ways to break out of your shell. Their main focus is to help you rid that fear of public speaking. You have the chance to join their open mic nights and get up on that stage to just talk, tell them your story, chat about your passion, etc.


The Multinational-Intercultural Meetup Group Düsseldorf

The Multinational-Intercultural Meetup Group is known as the meetup across the Rhein (in Oberkassel that is). Regardless of how great (or not so great) your English is, they will welcome you with open arms. Many expats say that this club is an easy and laid back way to make a few casual friends. Their events are typically hosted once a month.


Sprachenstammtische Düsseldorf

At the Sprachenstammtische Düsseldorf, it doesn’t really matter what language you speak! Everyone comes together to meet up and bonds are made by mixing languages and making friends from all around the world. It can be challenging at first, but you’ll soon realize how much fun it is to interact with one another!


Düsseldorf Meetups for the Business Leaders

Expat-preneurs Düsseldorf

Expat-preneurs hosts monthly events and presentations on all things entrepreneur! Here you’ll have a chance to learn something new each and every time, as well as meet some awesome expat-preneurs in the city.


StartupDorf – The Startup Hub Düsseldorf

Similarly, StartupDorf is a big international community of entrepreneurs in the startup world around Düsseldorf. You’ll find that most of their events won’t be hosted in English, but they’re always open to English chats after the presentations.


British Business Club Dusseldorf

The BBCD isn’t just all about business, it’s a social networking club for internationals around Düsseldorf (not just for British expats). They host monthly business networking events, dinner evenings and tons of other activities around the city.


Düsseldorf Meetups for the Ladies 

Girl Gone International Düsseldorf

Girl Gone International is a great group to check out if you’re new to town and looking to make a few new girlfriends. There are a number of events hosted each month, many of which allow you to both, explore the city and meet new people. They host picnics, runs, breakfasts, cocktail nights, clothing swaps and more! Plus, they’re always open to new ideas for meetups.


American Women’s Club

You don’t need to be an American to join the AIWCD, it is an international community formed for those interested in giving back, meeting new people and receiving monthly updates and event information. There is an annual membership fee to be a part of this club.


The British Women’s Club

The British Women’s Club is a group of British and Commonwealth women who have come together to build a sense of community and fun. Newcomers find this group especially helpful when it comes to getting settled into the city (registering, finding schools, apartments, etc.) They host monthly and weekly events exploring all around NRW to help internationals get a better feel for their new city. There is an annual membership fee to be a part of this club.


Düsseldorf Meetups for the Creatives

Düsseldorf Creative Writers

For those of you who love writing stories or poetry, this group is for you! There’s no such thing as beginner or expert, this group simply comes together to celebrate the love of creativity. Here you’ll find wonderful friends and a group of supportive individuals who can help you build your creative projects.



RhineBuzz hosts monthly art and culture events around the city to help expats and locals get to know their city a little better. You can expect anything from museum visits to nights out at the opera to art & cooking classes.


Düsseldorf Meetups for the Sports Fans

Düsseldorf International Football Club (INDOOR & OUTDOOR)

Need we say more? This is a group for soccer/football lovers. They host weekly pick-up football matches (both indoor and outdoor) and can also arrange tournaments when there are enough interested players.


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