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There’s no doubt that as an international living in Germany, when the going gets rough, finding a good English speaking lawyer in Düsseldorf can be one of the toughest parts. Finding a lawyer isn’t tough, but of course, without the right connections, sometimes it isn’t easy to even know where to get started and which type of lawyer you may actually need.

It’s also not easy to figure out which lawyers are the most affordable. To solve that issue, just make sure that you buy legal insurance right away. You can compare your price options for legal expenses insurance online to find the best rate. Liability insurance can also be a lifesaver (and usually costs less than 5 Euros a month).

So, I’ve done my research, made a few too many telephone calls, and interacted with YOU, to learn all about finding these English speaking lawyers who can help us solve our problems and woes.


English Speaking Lawyers in Dusseldorf


Rechts- und Steuerberatung Schmidt

Rechts- und Steuerberatung Schmidt is one of our expat favourites! They’ve helped us all out time and time again by putting together guest posts on Life in Düsseldorf regarding the following topics: Understanding Fixed Assets (“Anlagevermögen”) and How to Claim Them in GermanyWhen Can You Claim Child Expenses in Your Income Tax Return?What Expenses You Can Deduct as an Employee in Germany!Making the Choice Between “Kleinunternehmer” or “Unternehmer”Do You Have to File a Tax Return While Living in Düsseldorf?


Rechtsanwalt Tobias Ziegler

  • Specializing in: Employment law
  • Languages: English & German
  • Email: kontakt@anwalt-ziegler.de
  • Address: Flurstr. 17, 40235 Düsseldorf
  • Phone Number: 0211 / 690762-20


Kliemt .HR Lawyers

  • Specializing in: employment law
  • Languages: English & German
  • Email: duesseldorf@kliemt.de
  • Address: Speditionstraße 21, 40221, Düsseldorf
  • Phone Number: +49 (0) 211 / 88288 – 0


Rechtsanwalt Roy Gilbert Rogers 

  • Specializing in: family, transportation, foreign affairs, employment, tenancy, property law
  • Languages: English, French, Russian & German
  • Email: RA.Rogers@t-online.de
  • Address: Oststr. 152, 40210, Düsseldorf
  • Phone Number: +49 (0) 211 / 5008991


Rademacher Rechtsanwalt

  • Specializing in: Criminal defense
  • Languages: English & German
  • Email: Dr-Rademacher@t-online.de
  • Address: Königsallee 90, 40212, Düsseldorf
  • Phone Number: + 49 (0) 211 / 1718380


Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte

  • Specializing in: nearly all business and private legal matters
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish
  • Email: info@se-legal.de
  • Address: Königsallee 60F, 40212 Düsseldorf
  • Phone Number: +49 (0) 211 / 88284196


JASPER Rechtsanwälte

  • Specializing in: real estate law, tenancy law, and commercial law, company, contracts, etc.
  • Languages: English & German
  • Email: mail@jasper-law.com
  • Address: Uerdinger Str. 58-62, 40474 Düsseldorf
  • Phone Number: +49 (0) 211 / 492590


Kanzlei Martin Lauppe-Assmann

  • Specializes in: labour law, family law, traffic law
  • Languages: English & German
  • Email: lasslaw@​aol.com
  • Address: Bensheimer Str. 14, 40229 Düsseldorf
  • Phone Number: 0211 320032


Kanzlei Marco Rath


Fachanwaltskanzlei für Straf- und Opferrecht

  • Specializes in: victim assistance, administrative offence, compensation, tax, criminal, traffic, business law
  • Languages: English & German
  • Email: riemann-uwer@strafrechtallianz.de
  • Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 43a, 40545 Düsseldorf
  • Phone Number: 0211 17129909


Do you have any other English speaking lawyers in Dusseldorf you want to add to the list? Leave a comment below with all the information. 

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