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Before I actually moved to Düsseldorf, I spent two nights at the Jugendherberge in Düsseldorf and absolutely loved it. Since I’m going to be honest in admitting that Düsseldorf isn’t the cheapest place to stay, the DJH in Düsseldorf is definitely a great budget-friendly option that is also amazingly located and beautiful inside and out.

There are actually only currently 3 other hostels in the city which mean your options for affordable accommodations aren’t very extensive. However, all 4 hostels are great options. Your alternative options include:

In case you’re planning on staying at the Jugendherberge in Düsseldorf, here are a few things worth reading up on!


What you can expect at the Jugendherberge | DJH Düsseldorf


Staff at the DJH Düsseldorf

All of the staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. I bugged them on more than one occasion with WIFI access, parking information and luggage storage. None of the staff were ever difficult and they all answered my questions in perfect English which was incredible for me (especially when I was too tired to attempt to speak German).


Room Accommodations 

The room was spacious. I was in a 4 bedroom dorm room in which I had all for myself. The toilet and shower room were separate which makes it easy when you’re splitting the room with 4 others.


Food and Drinks

I skipped breakfast the first morning not because I wanted to but simply because I was half asleep waking up in the morning and had no idea that there was a breakfast buffet included. Of course, once I figured it out the second morning, I took great advantage of all the wonderful warm crispy buns and toppings! Breakfast included sandwiches, toppings, yogurt, cereal, and fruit.


Common Area at the DJH Düsseldorf

Which common area? They have multiple smaller common areas across the hostel rather than one large one. You have the option to sit in many common spots across the yard outside, and there are also a few tables in the bar area and a couple more in front of their television set. I spent a good few hours here working on my blog on the last day and have no complaints!


Location of Accommodations 

The location of this hostel is by far my favorite thus far. Through my European journey, I have never had such a key location! Although it is not in the city center, it is on the opposite side of the Rhine River in Oberkassel (a more chic area of the city).

This weekend was also the last weekend of the summer amusement park and/or carnival called the Kirmes which was conveniently located just a step away from the hostel location. To get to the center of the city, you can walk across the Rhine River on the bridge and along the beautiful Rheinpromenade. If you don’t mind a little walk, this location will be perfect for you as well.

DJH Düsseldorf - Next to Kirmes
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Perks Staying at the DJH Düsseldorf

  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Breakfast Buffet (can I say it enough?)
  • Location Next to Kirmes (Carnival) in the summer months
  • Beautiful location along the Rhine River


If you’re still looking for accommodations, you can compare your options here:


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