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Recommended English Speaking Dentists in Düsseldorf

February 29, 2016

The good news – most dentists in Dusseldorf speak English. This task shouldn’t be too hard when you’re preparing yourself to settle down in the city. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of recommended English speaking dentists across the city that were suggested by other internationals in the area. Of course, each and every one of us may go to the dentist for a different reason, whether that’s getting our teeth cleaned, attending to a broken tooth or undergoing surgery. With that being said, we all have different experiences, so it’s important to listen to the feedback of others and pick a dentist that has been personally recommended.


Apollonia Praxisklinik

While their website might be in German, their dentists do not only speak English but a variety of other languages as well including: French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Croatian. I can personally recommend this clinic. My husband is an employee there, I’ve met plenty of the staff members and they’re all wonderful. Feel free to ask for Mr. Hefer and he’ll make sure you’re happy (that’s my husband).

Address: Rostocker Str. 18, Düsseldorf

Telephone Number: +49 211 70 58 58



Didenta also provides an English website so you can browse their services and check out the contact details at ease. One thing I find neat about this place is their specialize anxiety treatment – something I’ve had to search for in my home country as well!

Address: Niederkasseler Str. 100, Düsseldorf

Telephone Number: +49 211 55 71 118



The website is in German but based on recommendations from other expats in our communities, the dentists speak excellent English and they’re located right along the Königsallee.

Address: Königsallee 64, Düsseldorf

Telephone Number: +49 211 328 101



These are your dentists in Kaiserswerth. Their interactive webpage allows you to search in German or English and have come highly recommended by internationals living in the area. There are also parking facilities there which is a relief for some.

Address: Kaiserswerther Markt 25, Düsseldorf

Telephone Number: +49 211 479 0079


die Pluszahnarzte

You can find their website in both English is German which makes the beginning of your search a breeze. There are more than 10 dentists at this practice in over 8 different locations across Dusseldorf. If you would like another reason to visit this place, their offices are worth checking out just for the architecture!

Various Locations in Düsseldorf

Telephone Number: +49 211 862 070 131


These five dentists in Düsseldorf should give you a pretty good start, but if you’re reading this and would like to add your recommendation to the list, feel free to e-mail us at

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    Marcel D.

    July 10, 2017

    Dear Jenna, thank you for the recommendations and especially for all the effort you put into this page.

    Unfortunately I had negative experiences with “Die Pluszahnärzte” (and I am German, so of course I talked German with them).
    I went to their Praxis/practice inside the airport about 2 years ago because of a root canal treatment. They checked it within 2 appointments, explained most things in “doctors language” that it may sound more positive/professional and in the end there happened a sentence like “by the way: the bill of about 300 EUR we will send to you by email” and they never mentioned any costs in the previous appointments. I was a bit perplexed and just said “Cancel the next appointment, because no one told me about the costs, thanks”!
    I just left, never got any email or further inquiry.
    A few days later i went to another dentist and he didn’t charge me at all for the root canal treatment, even though it took me more than 1 session to get it done.

    Kind regards


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