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Weekend Getaway: The Creative City of Karlsruhe

March 2, 2016

I’ve decided to come up with a different idea for my blog post today. I know there’s thousands of travel review pages out there today in order to help you plan your next trip, but honestly… I choose Instagram every time. There’s nothing more up-to-date than an Instagram photo posted 5 minutes before you decide to depart to your next destination.

If you’ve got the time, Karlsruhe is the perfect long weekend destination for those who are living in Düsseldorf. It is about 3.20 hours drive (340 kms). There’s also plenty of buses and trains that head straight to the city.


Photo Taken By: Christian Reimer

I want to show you how I explored Karlsruhe through Instagram and why it could quite possibly be the best solution to last minute travel. Wake up at the Novotel Karlsruhe, eat my continental breakfast, creep my Instagram, find a photo/place worth visiting, get up and GO!

KEYWORD SEARCH: #Karlsruhe, #KA300, #VisitKarlsruhe15

If you know me, anything green catches my eye. I go through, like the posts I see, Google Map the locations and then venture out the door.


First Stop: Marktplatz, Karlsruhe

It’s the perfect place to start exploring Karlsruhe since you’re now in the middle of the city centre. The locals refer to the Market Square as a symbol of the free city. Today you will find many unusual but incredible art pieces down the main pedestrian path and through the smaller streets around the Marktplatz. You will also find many boutique shops and restaurants to explore.

Instagram Karlsruhe


Second Stop: Schlossplatz Karlsruhe

Thanks to the incredibly awesome festivities going on during the celebration of Karlsruhe’s 300 years, there was a light show on the castle walls. This wasn’t just any light show, it was certainly and by far… the most incredible light show I have ever seen. There are 9 different films available for viewing during the#KA300 celebrations and if you’re around the area, this is a place you mustn’t miss.

Instagram Karlsruhe


Third Stop: Draisine Race at Schlossplatz Karlsruhe

You may typically find a shot like this one in any Karlsruhe guidebook (I’m actually looking into my DUMONT Karlsruhe Guide provided by Karlsruhe Tourismus right now). The annual Draisine Race is held in front of the castle (Sclossplatz Karlsruhe) in memory of the cities inventor Karl Drais von Sauerbronn. The ‘draise’ (this funky vehicle) is much different from a normal bicycle and usually requires a ‘Drais license’ if you want to be entered into the competition.

Instagram Karlsruhe

Photo Taken on Instagram by Creativware


Fourth Stop: Festivals at Schlossplatz, Karlsruhe

Right behind where the races were taking place, there are many festivals and music concerts being held at the Schlossgarten (Castle Gardens). Not to mention it’s a garden within the castle limits, certainly a place you could spend the rest of your day.

Instagram Karlsruhe

Photo Taken on Instagram by Typxtatse


Fifth Stop: Karlsruhe Schlossgarten 

Well, you’re already there so you might as well walk a few steps to the little lake hidden behind the castle. I noticed this photo from @aaronmartinuf via Instagram, though the festival wasn’t going on while I was there… it was still a great shot to convince me to make my way behind the castle to check out the beautiful scenery.

Instagram Karlsruhe

Photo Taken on Instagram by aaronmartinuf


Sixth Stop: Botanical Gardens, Karlsruhe 

It’s funny, I received a transit pass in my welcome package from Visit Karlsruhe, yet never had a chance to use it. Can you guess why? Yep… this beautiful botanical garden is right around the corner from it all. The hotel was just a walk away from the centre and the centre is literally where all the action happens.

Instagram Karlsruhe

Photo Taken on Instagram by photonicrystal


Seventh Stop: Karlsruhe Zoo

This spot couldn’t have worked more perfect into my plans while in Karlsruhe. The zoo is only a few minutes walk from the Novotel Karlsruhe and a beautiful place to kick back and relax. Not to mention our Karlsruhe Welcome Card gave us a discounted entrance rate into the Zoological City Gardens and the Gondoletta rides.

Instagram Karlsruhe

Photo Taken on Instagram by eugidenzel


Eighth Stop: Exploring the surroundings of Karlsruhe

The landscape of Baden-Wuttemburg is absolutely incredible. It’s worth it to take some time to venture outside of the city and into wilderness. I noticed a bunch of Instagrammers posting photos in the wheat fields of Karlsruhe (like the one below) and though I didn’t have the time to explore them myself, we took a bus into the city of Baden-Baden and had a wonderful view of the fields as we left the centre of the city.

Instagram Karlsruhe

Photo Taken on Instagram by monnsta


Ninth Stop: Shopping at the Ettlinger Tor

About 100 metres from our hotel that weekend was the Ettlinger Tor. Though I’m not a shopper I noticed @luisarellini another fellow blogger had snapped a shot of the entrance way to the Ettlinger Tor Shopping Mall. A few hours later I found myself sneaking in to shop around for a couple bathing suits before my next big trip to the islands of Greece. Really… it was on the way, I couldn’t resist.

Instagram Karlsruhe

Photo Taken on Instagram by luisarellini


Tenth Stop: Back to the Hotel

Of course I didn’t find this one on Instagram and yes, it’s one of my own… but I thought it’d be a nice way to sum up my experience while in Karlsruhe. I had an incredible weekend exploring the sights and sounds of the city and was pleasantly surprised by it all. I had no idea that Karlsruhe was such a hip and artistic city. There was construction through the entire pedestrian way to the castle though I could help but think about how I’m going to get back here when the project is completed… #dreamcity.


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    Henry / @fotoeins

    July 11, 2016

    I’ve tried not to let others’ expectations or commentary sway my desire to visit cities. It doesn’t matter to me if Düsseldorf or Karlsruhe aren’t on “lists” or even a part of the “big-five Deutsche Städte.” I’m a big fan of both the D and the KA. Even though Marktplatz was a big dig as part of the city’s desire to put surface tracks underground, I had a great visit to Karlsruhe. My highlights have to be the ZKM and a quiet morning in KA-Durlach (about which I’ll be writing soon). I have to go back to KA when it’s warm and green!


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