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Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Around Düsseldorf

November 27, 2017

One of the number one questions asked around the holiday season in Düsseldorf is “where can you find a tree cutting field in or around Düsseldorf and how do you get there?”

Some people are used to small trees, some are used to plastic trees, some are used to having no tree at all, and others are used to cutting down the most beautiful tree they can find in a field of Christmas trees grown just for the holiday season.

If you’re hoping to chop down your own Christmas tree or continue the holiday tradition that you might have celebrated back in your homeland, this list of tree cutting locations might help you get started on your holiday planning.

Note: Not all locations are open to the public, you might actually have to call ahead and make an appointment. Be sure to check out all the information on their websites. This blog post was written on November 27, 2017, website links and hours of operation are always subject to change.


Forstbetriebe Heltorf

I can personally recommend this location as it is the one field I’ve been to every December for the last 3 years. Additionally, they offer up the opportunity to rent a room in the castle to celebrate your company party and to chop down trees as a group. Might be an interesting option for you bosses out there? 

Address: Heltorfer Schloßallee 98, 40489 Düsseldorf
Opening Hours: For 2017 dates and hours of operation, click here


Grenzhof Dormagen

At Grenzhof in Dormagen, you can head to the Christmas tree fields earlier, pick your favorite tree, mark it with a red ribbon and then come by just before Christmas to either chop it down yourself or have them prepare and package it up for you to pick up. You can also choose to purchase a tree with roots so that you can plant it in a pot afterward and enjoy it even longer.

Address: Along the Oberstrasse in Dormagen (coming from Stürzelberger Strasse or directly from Deichstrasse from Zons)
Opening Hours: [2017] From November onwards, open daily from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (also on Sunday’s)


Gartenbau Heinz Korfmacher

While there is not much information about tree cutting on their website, the Rheinische Post Online states that there is in fact, the opportunity to cut your own Christmas tree here. I would suggest giving them a call ahead of time as there are no opening hours mentioned on the site.

Address: Abteihofstr. 15, 40221 Düsseldorf
For more information visit their website


Eggenhof Neuss

Eggenhof certainly sells a lot of chicken and potatoes, but during the holiday season they are open for the Christmas tree business. You can choose your tree and chop it later, you can chop it right away and you have the option to get it delivered if your car is too small. There are also more than 6 different types of trees to choose from and you can choose to purchase the tree with or without the roots.

Address: Eggenhofstr. 9, 41462 Neuss
Opening Hours: From November onwards, Monday to Friday (8:30 – 18:30) and Sunday (8:30 – 14:00)


Forstbetrieb Haus Meer

Rain or shine, you will be able to join in on some holiday fun at the Forstbetrieb at Haus Meer. You can expect a cozy fire and Glühwein to keep you warm while you pick your perfect tree.

Address: Meerbuscher Straße, Meerbusch (for more specific directions, visit their website)
Opening Hours: December 1, 2017 – December 22, 2017, daily from 10:00 – 16:00 (also on weekends) 


Gut Diepensiepen

Right next to the Diepensiepen Estate is a beautiful field full of Christmas trees. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to find your perfect tree and take it home with you.

Address: Diepensieper Weg 6, 40882 Ratingen
Opening Hours: December from Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 16:00 (December 23 and 24th – closed)


Note: While many people believe cutting your own tree to be unsustainable, there are other factors that you should consider. Many of the artificial trees are filled with petroleum-based chemicals and shipped from China. However, many of the freshly cut Christmas trees are being shipped thousands of miles across the continent taking a huge toll on our environment. If you insist on having a real tree, consider cutting your own so that you know it was grown locally. Alternatively, you can also opt-in to purchasing a potted tree which you can afterwards plant in your backyard. For more information on being green this Christmas, check out this great post from The Guardian

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