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There are so many amazing ways to celebrate your children’s birthday party in Düsseldorf, but when the time comes we somehow always feel so stumped on ideas. For that reason exactly, we’ve been building this list up over the years. If you have more great ideas to add or you offer your own birthday party packages in Düsseldorf, don’t be scared to let us know!


Indoor Playgrounds & Kid’s Cafés

Indoor playgrounds and kid’s cafés can often be one of the easiest ways to host a children’s birthday party – and is beloved among all children, girls, and boys! Here are a couple of our favorites:


BabyBee Spielraum

At BabyBee you can rent the entire game room for 3 hours to celebrate and you can also bring your own decoration, your own cold drinks, cake, snacks, etc. They have a gorgeous indoor space filled with toys, costumes, life-size building blocks, etc. The highlight for many birthday party-goers is their Soap Bubble Parties and their birthday courses you can choose from including Zumbini, Kids Yogis, wobble gymnastics, and kids workout.


Happy Kids

Happy Kids organized children’s birthday parties with high-quality decorations, candy bars, children’s entertainment, face painting, and much more. If you’d prefer to just rent the location for the party and bring your own decorations and snacks, that’s cool too! They have a baby corner, tons of toys, and a huge jungle gym for the kids to play on.



For those high energy kiddos looking for a wild indoor experience, Bobbolino is a massive indoor playground with more slides, inflatable toys, and birthday party madness than you can imagine.


Unterbachersee BBQ

For those kiddies whose birthdays fall during the warmer months of the year, a BBQ along Unterbacher Lake is a great option. You can rent the tables and chairs if required, and you are able to rent a number of different BBQ spots (incl. BBQ) around the lake. There are washrooms available around the corner and ample parking spots. We personally always choose the one right next to the playground (on the ‘Nordseite’ by the lighthouse). A BBQ birthday is a great option if you’re also planning on inviting the parents too.


Picnic Party

Freizeitpark Ulenbergstrasse is also a great option. It is an open park with multiple playgrounds for children of all ages, a skateboard park, a badminton court, a football pitch, and plenty of green space for a picnic (or you can also rent a BBQ here as well). There are washrooms available on site and ample parking spots.


Sewing Party

Creamberry’s sewing parties are also hosted in English for children ages 7+. Those who attend the party will learn how to use the sewing machine and will also walk away with some awesome sewing projects to show their friends. The host can share some sewing ideas with the birthday girl or boy ahead of time so they can pick what they would like their friends to sew that day.


Baking Party

TEAM CANDY in Düsseldorf offers a beautiful party location and also hosts children’s baking parties. The parties usually run between 2-2,5 hours and the children can learn how to bake cupcakes, cakes, or perhaps even some seasonal goodies! Baking is of course also followed by decorating with pearls, glitter, and any other toppings that might suit your birthday party motto. Drinks, snacks, and pizza is also offered as part of the birthday party package.


Ice Skating Party

If you’re looking for something unique, look no further than Benrath Eishalle where you can book an ice-skating package for your child’s birthday which also includes access to the lounge and bar.


Pottery Painting Party

If your child (7+) loves crafts, Eigenlob is a great option to host their birthday party. At Eigenlob, the children will be able to paint their own pottery pieces (breakfast plate, muesli bowl, or cup) with some instruction from the host. There are often also finger foods offered and beverages.


Pony Riding Party

Fafas Ponyranch in Bilk is a wonderful way to celebrate your child’s birthday outdoors. Their birthday party packages can including grooming the ponies, riding the ponies, a BBQ, jumping on the trampoline, and more. You can add and remove parts of the birthday package to your booking for the optimal experience.


Farm Animals Party

Take the kiddies to Bauernhof Grütersaap or Gutshof Niederheid for a real farm experience. They can head to the petting zoo and get to know the animals, they can ride the ponies, at Grütersaap they can also join in on a bobby car race, and enjoy a wonderful picnic in the barn. Food and drinks are not prepared there, but you are welcome to bring your own for the picnic.

Wildpark is another great place if you’re just looking for a petting zoo!


Indoor Rock Climbing Party

MOVE Kletterhalle in Düsseldorf offers some great children’s birthday party packages for them to rock climb. Food and drink can also be added to these packages.


High Ropes Party

No fear of heights? Querfeldein in Düsseldorf offers a number of different party packages which include different rope courses for a variety of different ages. You can pick and choose based on your child’s interest!


Bowling Party

There are a number of different bowling alleys around Düsseldorf where you can celebrate your child’s birthday. Many of these locations also offer party packages include food, drinks, and dessert. Potentially a party room as well!


Mini Putting Party

There are a few different options around Düsseldorf including GlowingRooms and ActionZone. You can often find mini-golf deals on Groupon for 20 – 50% off the normal ticket price, so make sure you check there first!


Looking for more? Oh yes, the list goes on:

Have more you’d add to the list? Send us a message and we’ll keep on adding!

Here are 40+ more things to do with toddlers in Düsseldorf when it’s raining outside that you might enjoy!


Celebrating a child’s birthday in the middle of a pandemic? Here are some tips! 

Victoria has been through this situation twice – a Sweet 16 and a very first birthday. Both coincided with each of the lockdowns. Nevertheless, their family was full of determination to have as much fun as possible in spite of any limitations… and she’s here to share some of these tips with you as well! 


Celebrating a Teenagers Birthday | COVID-style

For many months my daughter had been dreaming to celebrate it at the AirHop Trampolin park in Essen, and of course, this plan had now been canceled!  The number of people one could hang out with was also limited. What was left – blossoming parks all around the city, pizza takeaway down the street, and an unquenchable teen spirit determined to make the fun possible. 😊

So, here’s what we did: 

  •  3 friends (or however many the pandemic restrictions may allow) 
  • 2 badminton sets (if the weather permits) or cinema night (if you need to be indoors)
  • a couple of pizzas to share (or take away from your child’s favorite Düsseldorf restaurant – here’s a list of those delivering)
  • a branded birthday T-shirt (in our case “SWEET 16”) & a potential photoshoot if requested
  • a gorgeous pre-ordered cake
  • the long-awaited presents
  • and decorations, lots of decorations!


Celebrating a Toddler’s Birthday | COVID-style

The prep list for my younger daughter’s birthday was slightly longer than the one for a 16-year-old (it was her first birthday), and the number of times I’ve checked out Pinterest for some new ideas was innumerate. Here was the plan: 

  • Location: home sweet home
  • Guests: family – other guests joined via video chat (and my daughter loved it)
  • Decoration: who doesn’t love a good baby photoshoot? If they’re a bit older, you could also throw them a dress-up party and take photos of them in their different costumes. We made sure we had decorations for the room (balloons, birthday banner, etc.), highchair decorations, and cake table decorations (found some cute sets at Kids Party World)
  • Cake: Cake is the highlight for any toddler, and there are a variety of bakeries and confectioneries around the city which offer cakes for special days – Heinnemanns, Byzantio, Pure Freude to name a few. I usually like to order from local Pâtissiers – if you like, you can check out @cake_art_duesseldorf
  • Presents: If there is one way to keep a toddler busy on their birthday, it’s with presents! Apart from the presents from the parents, we also had a pile of those sent over by the relatives. What we did – was to give out each present gradually, so that the child is busy at least 10 minutes at a time – a kind of Adventkalendar approach. The gifts kept her busy well into the evening.

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