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Solutions to Finding Child Care in Düsseldorf

August 1, 2016

First time parents may find it to be difficult securing a kindergarten spot for their children in the city. However, writer and owner of Kichererbsen Oberkassel, Shuri Soffe has the solutions to finding child care in Dusseldorf. 

It is quite challenging to find a kindergarten that is offering a spot available. While this could be due to lack of funding, lack of qualified staff or lack of resources, you need to find child care in Dusseldorf for your children, end of story.

We also know it is just as hard to find the right institution where parents feel comfortable enough to leave their young child for up-to 8 hours a day. As a new mother you take everything into account, group sizes, number of caregivers, facilities, distance from the workplace, etc. Furthermore, those institutions with a good reputation will have long waiting lists. A large amount of them will also have a religious carrier, making it even more difficult.

So let’s look at the alternative and come up with a solution to finding child care in Düsseldorf. 


What if I don’t speak German? What if I want my children in a bilingual school?

English-speaking parents or those interested in a bilingual environment may face even larger obstacles. Firstly most state sponsored institutions are not easily connected with expatriate families. Secondly, private institutions with trained bilingual staff may get pretty pricey. 


Fear not, there are solutions to finding child care in Dusseldorf!

In the last few years there has been a rise in Tagesmütter/Tagesväter who are qualified child minders. Many of them have children themselves and decide to open their own private kindergarten centres. These centres are authorised and licensed by the responsible office (Jugendamt). The owners gain permission to care for young children. Of course, you can always ask for any documentation if you’re still a little hesitant. 


What does a Tagesmutter/Tagesvater do?

The Tagesmutter/Tagesvater helps in offering childcare for parents who, for example, need to return to work or need to get back into a daily routine. The Tagesmutter/Tagesvater may offer services out of their own home, in a small business facility or may even do routinely house visits. 


Where do I find an English Tagesmütter/Tagesvater?

Düsseldorf is becoming quite an international city which allows for much more opportunity to find a qualified Tagesmutter/Tagesvater for your child(ren).

To find a local Tagesmutter/Tagesvater, visit the local Youth Welfare Office, known as the Jugendamt in German. You are able to request a list from the office of those who are offering child care services around the city.


How much does it cost to hire a Tagesmutter/Tagesvater?

These fees are regulated by the responsible office (Jugendamt). The feeds depend on annual family earnings excluding food and additional service costs. That means if you’re having a hard time affording private care at a Kindergarten, hiring a Tagesmutter may be a lot more cost-effective for your family. 

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1 Comment
  1. Reply

    Raghavendra Dasadi

    August 19, 2016

    Hello Shuri,

    Very nice to see this article and i am very unfortunate that we moved out of Oberkassel area as i moved to a new work place in Ratingen.
    We are currently located in Düsseldorf Zoo.

    We are very much worried of my daughter because she hardly makes eye contact and she always want to lock herselves in a room. We felt she Needs to mingle with children of her Age and we noticed that.

    Due to lack of German language skills we were unable to mingle with parents near our place.
    But we are worried about our daughter at this Point of time.

    Appreciate your Response and expecting that one good day we receive a Response from you.

    Anxious Parents
    Rag & Siri


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