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Friedrichstadt, with its abundance of transport links, central location in the city, quality eateries, and hidden gems, there is so much awaiting you… read on to discover more.

As a local in Friedrichstadt, these are just a few of my favorite places! Don’t forget, if there are places you think are worth a mention, write them in the comments section below – and throw in a mention to their website to give them some more local lovin’!


What are the best foodie spots in Friedrichstadt?


Sila Thai

If you have got a craving for Thai food and have an occasion to celebrate, Sila Thai on Bahnstraße should be next on your list. With stunning decor and an extensive menu, this restaurant is an ideal location for a gathering. It’s a bit on the pricier side but is worth every Euro.


ALCHEMIST Bistro & Bar

Right across the road is the Alchemist, a beloved neighborhood eatery with a guaranteed delicious meal. With limited seating, it is recommended that you have a reservation during the weekends, but during the summer months, there is additional seating outside. 



A more casual restaurant is a popular Vietnamese restaurant Scaramanga’s, located near Fürstenplatz. Funky interior inside and a variety of choices on the menu – what more could you ask for?


Balli Döner Kebab & Vegan Kebab

Craving a casual kebab? I recommend Balli Döner on Graf-Adolf-Straße. The falafel is particularly delicious! There are also vegan kebab options.



If you and the gang are searching for a brunch spot, Rosie’s proves to be a popular spot due to its variety of breakfast options- from sweet to savory. 



Finally, for the largest pizzas you ever did see, L’Osteria simply can’t be beaten. 

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The best bars in Friedrichstadt? 


Boothby’s Classic Cocktail Bar

Blink and you’ll miss it- Boothby’s Bar is a jazz bar that you could easily glance past as you stroll down along Hüttenstrasse. Expect elaborate and tasty cocktails, a friendly dog, and the chance to sit in a cozy booth and feel like you’re being transported to a bygone era due to the stylish decor. Not to be missed.


Bar Ellington

Bar Ellington is also a popular haunt for many Friedrichstadt residents. Located near the Hauptbahnhof, it opts for minimalistic decor and a great cocktail is guaranteed.


The best places to sit down and drink a cup of coffee?



Manko, which doubles as a co-working space, comes highly recommended. 


Lina’s Coffee

Lina’s Coffee on Fürstenplatz is also one of Friedrichstadt’s draws. Think highly Instagrammable vegan and gluten-free dishes, refreshing smoothies, and good coffee.

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Some awesome things to do around Friedrichstadt?



For a wholesome activity, visit Eigenlob on Huttenstrasse to paint your own ceramics! PS: If you’re into art, there are also some awesome art & craft stores in Düsseldorf too.


The Code Agency

One of the newest escape rooms to open up in Düsseldorf is located in Friedrichstadt, and also one of the biggest. The Code Agency has a number of different escape rooms and some awesome virtual reality games too.

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Are there any other hidden gems worth mentioning?


Das Blumenparadies

The flower shop you see in the featured photo of the post is Das Blumenparadies run by Anke Güldenmeister. It is a beautiful little place to shop for flowers, but also quite a photo-worthy spot in the area.


Fürstenplatz Farmers Market

There is certainly no lack of amazing farmers markets in Düsseldorf, and Fürstenplatz is home to just one of them. This weekly market pops up every Wednesday and Saturday from 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

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Any other Friedrichstadt residents here?! What are your favorite spots in the neighborhood?! 

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