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April has many reasons to get us excited, The Sunday Fish Market is back in town, more outdoor events are popping up, but most importantly we get our sunny days back to enjoy our beautiful city!

Let’s admit it, we, grown-ups, fancy these inviting and luscious ice-creams as much as the kids do, if not more. After all, what would the summer days be without this simple pleasure! Kick those diets for a while (or go with ones that don’t make you give up ice cream and let’s indulge)!

Here is a list of the best ice creams in Düsseldorf! Let’s hope the weather will be warm for long enough so that you can try all of them.

PS: We also have a list of the OLDEST ice cream parlors in Düsseldorf – some dating back to 1906!

Unbehaun Eis

There are 2 types of people in life, those who always know which ice-cream they want and those who take forever to choose. Unbehaun Eis makes life easier for the latter as they serve only 5 variants but all made in traditional and authentic style. Many Düsseldorfers have been visiting this ice-cream parlor since they were kids, the place has been open for more than 50 years!


Pia Eis

Pia’s shopfront is plastered with award stickers that they serve the best Italian ice-cream and many people think that it could truly be the best ice-cream of the whole of Germany. Reasonably priced at 1 EUR per “kugel”, their portions are huge and enjoyable until the last bit. Usually, the sunnier the day, the longer the queue. In case you are getting all worked up whether the queue is worth it, here is my advice: you have to try it!


Nordmanns eisfabrik

The traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors can get you easily bored. Head over to Nordmanns eisfabrik, located on a trendy street in Flingern to try their exotic and intriguing creations. Saffron, cinnamon, or poppy seeds ice cream might seem weird, but I am sure they will get you going back to Nordmanns until the very last days of summer.

They have a second location right on Immermanstr. offering the same creations on the go.



Next to Bilkerkirche in Unterbilk, Eisschmiede brings you lots of fruity sorbets. They offer a large choice of vegan options as well. You sit outside in a very casual atmosphere, the little ones will love it because they get their tiny chairs. The queue can get long and service slow on weekends though.


Gelateria La Romana

To know what a traditional Italian ice-cream should taste like, head over to Gelateria La Romana’s beautiful parlor in Oberkassel. Our readers highly rated them and mentioned how creamy and flavor intensive it is. You can also enjoy a large selection of coffee and crepes. Kids will love this place both for the ice-cream and the play area.

It there was a place to hit first, it would be this one!


Yomaro Frozen Yogurt

The “Froyo” hype might be over, but Yomaro is still as popular as ever. It has to do with their multitudes of toppings and sauces that you can choose from. The frozen yogurt itself is not overly sweetened therefore it is a healthier alternative to the traditional ice-cream, as long as you do not add all the offered toppings of course! Yomaro has 3 locations in Düsseldorf, one on the beautiful Loretto Straße, one opposite the Carlsplatz market in the Altstadt and on Luegallee in Oberkassel.


Eisdiele TATI

Eisdiele TATI is located in the french quarter of the city and makes some awesome homemade coffees, lemonades, milkshakes, and ice cream. They have a number of different flavors, some of the favorites being the classic chocolate and vanilla, as well as pistachio.


Diele – Die Eismacher

Diele – Die Eismacher offers fresh ice cream with all-natural ingredients and about 15 different sorts each day. They also offer lactose-free milk options and soy-based options.


Eismanufaktur Ghirloni

Eismanufaktur Ghirloni has been around since 1975 making tons of different ice cream flavors. They now offer over 80 different types of ice cream, more than 40 sorts every single day. The ice cream is made fresh using all-natural ingredients, and they offer a number of fruit sorbets for lactose-intolerant customers, clearly mark all ice creams for gluten intolerant customers, and have a great vegan line as well.


Herrtotti Eis Manufaktur

Herrtotti Eis Manufaktur makes simple ice cream flavors that are rich in flavor but without the artificial flavoring and aromas. You might not find wild flavors here, but the quality of the classics are delicious! Not to mention they also have toppings for you to add on!



The much-awaited I.AM.LOVE parlor has finally opened its doors in Düsseldorf. The team behind I.AM.LOVE was already famous in Essen and Bochum for their creative and sophisticated flavors. Cucumber ice-cream although surprising sounds very refreshing. If you get to taste their ice-cream before our team, please send us your feedback.


Now it’s time to pack up your sunglasses and cool attitude and try out these amazing places! Let our team know how you liked them or if we missed any of the local favorites. 

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