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15 Nostalgic Ways to Celebrate Autumn in Düsseldorf

October 6, 2017

The weathers getting chilly and the days are getting shorter… that can only mean one thing… it’s time for Autumn celebrations! If you’re anything like me, hanging out under a blanket, watching movies and sipping on Hot Toddy’s might be the best way to celebrate the return of cold weather and falling leaves. However, despite our little city of 600,000 people, there are thousands of ways to celebrate Autumn this season!

Here are 15 awesome ways to make sure that you celebrate properly this season!


1 – Go Apple Picking at Apfelparadies

Who doesn’t love a bit of time with the family spent apple picking? At Apfelparadies you can pick up cakes, pies, juice and an entire array of fresh fruits and plants for the fall season.


2 – Have a BBQ at Rheinpark Golzheim

The evenings might be getting chilly, but that doesn’t mean that a lunch-time BBQ to stay warm isn’t a great idea! Grab your friends and family and spend the day outside surrounded by the colorful trees.


3 – Go on an Autumn Hike in Neaderthal Valley

Explore the beautiful hiking trails in the Neanderthal Valley! If there’s one season in particular which is the best for hiking, it’s those chilly afternoons in the Fall.


4 – Go to a Fortuna Düsseldorf Football Match

The season has just begun, why not head to a Fortuna match this Fall?! There’s nothing better than beer, pretzels, and football during an Autumn evening.


5 – Take a Horseback Riding Lesson at Reitpark

You can choose to go in a group or on your own, the Reitpark charges by the session (approx. 90-minutes). Why not try it out? 


6 – Spend a Day Gardening

Whether you have a small balcony, a massive garden or own a Kleingärten, the Fall season is the perfect time to be planting those bulbs for the Spring!


7 – Cycle Along the Rhine River

The nature around Düsseldorf is beautiful in the Fall and the cycling paths along the Rhine River are evening more stunning to bike along during the colder months. If you start your journey from the Media Harbour and head towards Zons, you’ll be sure to find a number of photo-worthy spots.


8 – Go for a Drive around Düsseldorf’s ‘Country Side’

Smaller areas like Hamm, Himmelgeist and Zons are all great little places to visit in the Fall. While Düsseldorf might not be a country-side type of city, there are still many little-hidden gems on the outskirts of the city.


9 – Have a Fall Baking Party

There’s something nostalgic about baking during the Fall season. Blueberry pie, apple crisp, peach cobblers, pumpkin tarts… I don’t know about you, but I love baking in the Fall.


10 – Cozy up and Read a Book

This is something I don’t do nearly enough! Grab a blanket, sit outside or pull up a chair on your balcony and start reading! If you’re looking for a new English book to read, we have an International English Library here in the city where you can rent books.


11 – Head to the Movies and Watch a Horror Film

It has to be a horror film, right? We’re nearing Halloween, so it’s time to get into the spirit. This year, the new movie IT (or ‘ES’ in German) is out in theatres. You can find the English versions of movies in Düsseldorf here.


12 – Warm up to a Bowl of Chili con Carne

You’ll find restaurants all over the city serving up warm Chili con Carne. If you’re exploring the Altstadt, you can stop in at Sausalitos on Bolkerstr. for a bowl of Chili.


13 – Celebrate Halloween at a Düsseldorf Nightclub

German’s might not celebrate Halloween like we do in North America, but there is still a ton of events taking place on October 31st every year in the city. Check out Virtual Nights for a full list of parties taking place this year.


14 – Explore the Abandoned Buildings of Düsseldorf

Caution: this is not really… legal… so please be aware, you are always entering at your own risk.


15 – Celebrate Erntedankfest in Düsseldorf

In early October, the small district of Urdenbach celebrates Erntedankfest with a parade, lots of beer and delicious baked goods. If you’ve missed it this year, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate on your own! Erntedankfest is similar to Thanksgiving, it is a celebration that gives thanks for the years crops and harvest.


Would you add anything else to the list? How will you celebrate the Autumn season this year in Düsseldorf? 

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