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If you’re looking to make a few extra bucks or enjoy saving a few bucks and shopping second hand, then you might find a few of these apps quite helpful. In Germany, there is a huge market for second hand goods, which makes buying and selling second hand much easier and much more fun!

If you want, you can shop second hand in a boutique shop around Düsseldorf, you can finding second hand furniture at warehouses around the city, or of course, you can spend your weekends rummaging through hidden treasures at the flea markets.

However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to buying and selling second hand, then an app is just what you need.


eBay Kleinanzeigen

No list of websites advising on the best places to buy and sell secondhand would be complete without a shoutout to the ruler of this space.

Racking up an incredible 614.75 million unique online visitors from the German market in October, this website has it all – from furniture to books to a new cell phone, a new house, or even a part-time job. As they highlight in their slogan, the ads are free, tend to be short and sweet, and are, most importantly, local. Browse at your peril… you never know what you may stumble upon and end up purchasing. The vast majority are in German.



Kalaydo focuses mainly on the regions of NRW, Hessen, and Rheinland-Pfalz. It contains the classifieds of a plethora of regional newspapers and is similar to eBay Kleinanzeigen. Locals can also add in their own small ads or cars for sale for free. A local leader in this space for sure.



Schpock isn’t just fun to say, they also offer a super easy-to-use app and while Kalaydo and eBay Kleinanzeigen are still popularly used via desktop, Schpock is a major player in the second hand app market. You can buy and sell pretty much anything here, but clothes and toys are quite popular.



This is another small ad portal with a wide variety of goods and services mere clicks away. While not as big as the other major players mentioned above, it’s good to have alternative second hand sites in case you’re looking for something specific or hoping to sell as quickly as possible.



Markt.de does what it says on the tin. Their homepage boasts that there are currently over 1.8 million ads with 730,000 daily visitors.


If you’re on the hunt for some new electronics…


asgoodasnew.de is the place to go for used electronics. Buying electronics can be tricky because, without a warranty, you might be still paying a high price for a piece of junk. On asgoodasnew.de, they offer a 30-month guarantee and a 30-day money-back policy.


If it’s just clothes you are after, look no further…


Vinted is the app to be on if you’re finding no success on classics like Facebook Marketplace or eBay Kleinanzeigen. I always find that when you’re trying to sell a pair of pants or a simple t-shirt, for example, the audience on Facebook and Kleinanziegen just don’t bite. You’ll find much more success on Vinted!

Vinted is a treasure-trove of second-hand fashion for all tastes and styles with 22 million users worldwide. It has never been easier to buy something new – and it’s more sustainable to boot!

A profile is required, and this also ensures a simple selling experience if there are some garments lurking in your wardrobe that are seeking a new home. This website is not purely for Düsseldorf, but it is easy to narrow down the location, as well as other varying categories such as designer, color, etc. There are also some vintage items hidden in plain sight that are worth keeping an eye out for. Most advertisements are in German but are accompanied by photographs of the item of clothing in question.

PS: You might remember Vinted as Kleiderkreisel or Mamikreisel! These two apps merged to create Vinted!


If you do have a wardrobe full of items that have seen better days…

There are other options if you don’t feel like selling– donate to a charity shop, place them in a clothing bank dotted around the city or bring a bag full of clothing into H&M – they accept unwanted clothes by any brand no matter what the condition. They will then issue a five-euro voucher to use towards your next purchase of €25 or more, promising that all clothing collected is either reused, re-worn or recycled.


For the music lovers and the bookworms…


Momox describes itself as “the leading online buying and selling service in Europe”. It offers consumers the chance to sell books, DVDs, clothes, CDs, and games for a fixed price- all they must do is enter the barcode of the goods in question. The company then sells these goods on medimops (books, movies, music & games) for reduced rates.

Clothes can be found on the ubup platform with 10,000 items being added daily, according to the website. Since 2004, more than 200 million items have been purchased as a result of this intriguing system.

A similar app is booklooker.de and a fantastic place to sell all of your books immediately is Mehrwegbuch.de.

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