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There’s no doubt there are a ton of things to do in Düsseldorf. While the city may have been a great destination to visit and see in 24 hours, things have changed a little bit over the last few years. Düsseldorf is an amazing city to explore over a long weekend or to settle into and enjoy each and every day of the week.

So once you’re done going up the Rhine Tower, exploring the city by bus, cruising along the Rhine River, and drinking all the Altbier that you can… it’s time for something even better!

If you’re looking for some unique, heart-pumping activities to keep you entertained, why not pick one of these 15 wild adventures?!

In the event that any of these activities shut down, please leave a comment below or send us an e-mail and we will make the required changes. Thanks!

$ SAVING TIP: You can often find some awesome discounts and deals on Groupon when looking for adventures and activities around Düsseldorf, so make sure you check there first!


Bungee Jumping

In October 2014, Düsseldorf welcomed the first bungee jumping base station. The jump is 100 meters, would you do it? You have to be a minimum age of 16 to jump (18 without parental consent) and must weigh between 50 – 120 kg. If you’d rather watch the jumpers, you can pay a small fee to join them up in their bungee gondola 100 meters in the air.

For prices and hours, visit the Bungee Action website.

Address: Pinienstr. 24, 40223 Düsseldorf 


River Rafting

That’s right, you can river raft along the Rhine! In the summer months, you might even see a couple of rafts flying through the currents of the Rhine while you’re walking along the promenade. These river rafting tours start in Neuss on the river Erft which can often bear white waters and then bring you into the more scenic/relaxing part of your journey along the Rhine River about 45 minutes later. Tours typically take about 3 hours.

For prices, hours, and addresses, visit the Querfeldeins website.


Rock Climbing

You have a choice between indoor and outdoor rock climbing depending on your skill level and the weather conditions. Move Kletterhalle offers indoor climbing, outdoor climbing, therapeutic climbing, and industrial climbing courses. If you choose to start on the indoor courses, you have over 700 square meters of play space and more than 100 climbing routes to choose from.

For prices and hours, visit the Move Kletterhalle website.

Address: Diepenstraße 83, 40625 Düsseldorf (at Cosmo Sports)



Sadly, Düsseldorf’s Airhop location has now closed down. However, they still have a location close by in Essen. Airhop is one of the coolest trampoline parks filled with obstacle games, dodgeball courts, and basketball nets (not to mention a ton of trampolines). We actually joined in on trampolining ourselves, feel free to take a look at our review of the AirHop Trampoline Park. The review was about the Düsseldorf location, but the Essen location is very similar.

For prices and hours, visit the AirHop website.

Address: Am Zehnthof 194, 45307 Essen 

NOTE: We do still have a trampoline park in Düsseldorf. If you’re interested in staying local keep reading further into this post!


Urban Geocaching

While geocaching might not be your typical adrenaline sport, there’s a special sort of adrenaline that you get from finding your catch after your adventures spent searching. Querfeldeins, the same company that runs the river rafting, hosts geocaching events that depart from Burgplatz in Düsseldorf. Throughout your geocaching adventures, you and a small group will be in charge of discovering new clues and deciphering codes to get you one step further in the game, similar to an Escape Game, only outdoors. You have 3 hours to reach the end, can you master urban Geocaching? 

For prices and hours, visit the Querfeldeins website.


Hotrod Tours

How about driving around the city in an awesome little rally car at up to 80 km/hour? The classic Hotrod tours typically last a couple hours and allow you to drive a circuit of around 30 km. At the moment, the classic tour departs outside Factory Campus and takes you on a tour down to the Media Harbour of Düsseldorf. Fly through the Düsseldorf tunnels and push your pedals to the ground as you fly full throttle over the bridge into Oberkassel.

For prices and hours, visit the Hotrod Tour Düsseldorf website.


Parkour Park

Parkour is one of those sports I’ve always told myself I wanted to learn, but just never got around to it. Well, it turns out we actually have a parkour park here in the Stadt-Natur-Park in Flingern. Perfect time to get started? Note: there are no trainers here, it’s actually a park that allows you to play around and get your own bearings for the sport.

For more information, check the Calisthenics Parks website.


High Ropes Courses

The high ropes courses at the Querfeldein Hochseilgarten are an incredible mix of parkour high in the trees, obstacle courses and zip lines. While there are enough adrenaline pumping courses for the adventure seekers, there are also smaller courses for children and school groups.

For prices and hours, check the Hochseilgarten Düsseldorf website.

Address: Am Kleinforst 260, 40627 Düsseldorf


Bubble Ball

Join in for a round of Bubble Ball soccer at Cosmo Sports! You can join your friends for a game, make it a team event or host a bachelor/ette party here. Can’t play soccer? Don’t worry, your soccer skills while playing Bubble Ball are often disregarded anyway… you are after all, running around in a blow-up bubble ball.

For prices and hours, check the Cosmo Sports website.

Address: Diepenstraße 83, 40625 Düsseldorf



Düsseldorf go-karting adventures take place at Go-Kart by RS Speedworld. The track is indoor and open for individuals, team events, bachelor/ette parties and birthdays. You can choose to do a few solo runs, or you can bring your friends and challenge them to a race.

For prices and hours, check the Go-Kart by RS Speedworld website.

Address: Friedrich-Krupp-Str. 10, 41564 Düsseldorf/Kaarst


Ninja Park

A real ninja park! This is where adults and kids alike join together to challenge themselves and their friends to some of the craziest, coolest ninja obstacle courses in foam pits, climbing gyms and on trampolines. We don’t want to get your hopes up so quickly though, so please note that at the time we wrote this post (April 2018), Superfly Düsseldorf has not yet opened. You can keep updated on their Facebook page for recent news and information.

For information and updates on park opening, check the Superfly Düsseldorf website.


Indoor Skiing

Just outside of Düsseldorf, in Neuss, is the Jever Fun Ski Halle, an indoor ski hall open 365 days a year. There are party rooms available and ski lifts to take you up to the top of the hall. You can rent equipment there or just pay for the day pass and bring your own.

For prices and hours, visit the Skihalle – Allrounder website.

Address: An der Skihalle 1, 41472 Neuss


Escape Games

For those of you who haven’t yet experienced an escape game yet, it’s about time. They are perfect during a rainy day in Düsseldorf, but be forewarned, this is going to require all of your brain power. Sadly, I’ve never made it out within the hour, but I’m determined to complete one of the courses in the near future. The escape games will challenge you to a series of clues and questions in order to escape within the given time. Are you ready? 

For prices and hours at TeamEscape, visit the TeamEscape Düsseldorf website.
Note: there are a few other escape rooms in the city as well, so make sure to Google your options.

Address: Alexanderstraße 31, 40210 Düsseldorf



Paragliding in Düsseldorf? It’s true, you can actually go flatland paragliding around Düsseldorf and Neuss with a team of professional paragliders. There are a number of paragliding options and courses on the Flatland-paragliding website for you to choose from.

For more information about location and price, visit the Flatland-paragliding website.



Ever thought about taking up slacklining before? It’s a great way to build up your balance and strength, and a fun sport to take up in the parks while BBQing with friends. To get you started, the Hellerhof Sports Club offers a basic slacklining course for adults of all ages.

For more information about different course options, visit the Hellerhof Sports Club website.


What do you think? Is there anything else you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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