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Regardless of how well you think you know Düsseldorf, there’s always something else waiting to be discovered around every bend. Every year, the city brings you some of the newest events, coolest entertainment, and amazing little shops. Whether you’ve seen it all, or you’re brand new to the city, we’re here to show you what there is to love about Düsseldorf and to rekindle those first-time experiences you had when you first moved here.

Do you want a FREE downloadable checklist highlighting 100+ free things to do in Düsseldorf?

I mean how can you say no, right? We’ve put together the ultimate downloadable and printable PDF guide/checklist including 100+ FREE things to do in Düsseldorf. You can print it out, check off what you’ve already seen, and then add the rest to your bucket list of things to do while living in Düsseldorf.

Say goodbye to the family favorite: “I’m bored! What should we do today?” 

What’s included in this free guide?

  • A DIY page for you to add your top favorites and your own ideas to the bucket list
  • The coolest parks
  • Free tips just for kids
  • The best ways to keep active like Düsseldorf’s parkour park or driving range
  • Airport fun 
  • The nicest city lakes to kick back and relax
  • Ways to learn more about the city
  • A list of Düsseldorf’s most memorable monuments 
  • Tips on where to find the best views in the city 
  • Hidden gems that you’d never think to explore
  • A list of local meetups and events 
  • The best areas to go window shopping 
  • Free libraries around the city
  • The coolest city street art like the 10 life-like Säulenheiligen statues
  • Options for volunteering in the city
  • Museums and galleries that often open their doors free to the public
  • A list of Düsseldorf’s most beautiful castles 
  • Awesome hiking locations
  • The best free events in the city
  • & more! 

What do you think, can you check off all 100+ free things to do in Düsseldorf? Download your free guide here and get started! 

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