Basketball Teams in Dusseldorf

A Guide to Basketball Teams in Dusseldorf

By on July 6th, 2017

Basketball might not be well known in Germany, but it’s definitely a sport worth joining in on while you’re here in Düsseldorf. In the last 10-15 years, there have been a number of new clubs popping up, which means you have more opportunity to find the perfect team for you.

Robert Weniger, local Düsseldorfer and avid basketball player, offered up his tips and tricks in this awesome guide to basketball teams in Dusseldorf. While Robert is a native German speaker playing in Düsseldorf, many of the teams are always happy to have English speakers on their teams. Plus, you might actually learn a bit of the language at the same time!

Basketball Teams in Dusseldorf

Fun fact: Despite not being known as a ‘basketball city’, Düsseldorf has the second largest basketball team in Germany (measured by the number of members). The ART Giants Düsseldorf.


What is the best team to join as a beginner?

The Giants are a great fit for everyone, there are multiple different teams and levels in the Giants Club, which will give you an opportunity to not only grow as a player but perhaps move up a couple levels while you’re there.

Of course, there are also a number of other clubs in the city to choose from as well. While life might be a little easier if I tell you right now which club you should join, it all depends on where you live and what team you’re most comfortable with. So check them all out, browse through their websites and try and get a feel for each team before making your final decision.


Take your pick, here’s a list of basketball teams in Dusseldorf


Great, but are there ladies teams?

Basketball might be a relatively small sport in Germany compared to North America, but Düsseldorf definitely has their female squads too.


Hold up, where can I buy my basketball sneaks?

You can always find your perfect pair of sneakers online, but if you’re looking for a great tip, you’ll find a great selection at the Afew Store in Düsseldorf (Oststraße 36). This is definitely one of Germany’s finest sneaker shops.

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    September 9, 2017

    Hello, Robert. My name is Jae. Played in high school and college in US, and also highest professional level in Korea before. I want to experience high level German basketball while visiting Dusseldorf. Is there any indoor basketball pick up games you can recommend me ? Staying near Central station for this weekend

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      Jenna Davis

      September 11, 2017

      Hi there Robert! Sorry for the late response. If you’re still in Düsseldorf, the easiest way to find international pick-up games is on or in Düsseldorf Facebook Groups like Düsseldorf Expat Meetups 🙂 I hope this helps a bit. Best, Jenna


Jenna Davis
Düsseldorf, Germany

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