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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Around Düsseldorf

By on February 11th, 2017

Just because I included a picture of the love lock bridge in Cologne, doesn’t mean I’m including it in my suggestions. No, that would be too easy. Here are 10 unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day around Dusseldorf this year.

As per usual, I was looking for some creative ideas to celebrate Valentine’s this year and figured I’d ask on the Düsseldorf Expat Meetups page, a Facebook group with thousands of people from all over the world, living in Düsseldorf. Your answers were so phenomenal, that naturally I decided it was a great move to share them in a blog post so we could go back on these ideas for future reference, not just for Valentines Day, but for date nights or those Friday nights you spend sitting on your couch racking your brain trying to think of something new and exciting to do.

Your answers were so phenomenal, that naturally I decided it was a great move to share them in a blog post so we could go back on these ideas for future reference, not just for Valentines Day, but for date nights or those Friday nights you spend sitting on your couch racking your brain trying to think of something new and exciting to do for the weekend.

So, here you go, your awesome suggestions on ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day around Dusseldorf. 


Go Bowling

How about trying your luck on the bowling lane? There are a few different sports centers that have bowling in the city. You can choose to have a quick game and then go out for dinner, or spend the entire night challenges each other. The winner buys the wine?

Valentine's Day around Dusseldorf


Relax at the Spa

There’s actually numerous spas and saunas around Düsseldorf that you can visit. A few that I’ve checked out or have been recommended to me include:

Or you can travel outside of Düsseldorf and explore some of the saunas and spas around the NRW, like Badewelt Euskirchen or the Claudius Therme in Cologne.

Valentine's Day Around Dusseldorf


Enjoy a Couples Massage

This is something that I don’t do nearly enough, but what a better way to relax and enjoy Valentine’s Day (even without a partner) than getting a massage? There are a ton of places in Düsseldorf, but if you want to know my tip… I just head to Groupon and find a super awesome discount on the day I’m looking at going.

Here are a few massage spas around the area, though:

Valentine's Day around Dusseldorf


Join a Game of Laser Tag

Do I really need to explain why you should try out laser tag? It’s just awesome. You could even get a few couples involved and play a full game against each other. Check out these laser tag venues in Dusseldorf:

Valentine's Day Around DusseldorfPhoto Credit: LaserZone


Challenge Each Other to a Game of Mini Putt

Challenging each other to a game of mini putting isn’t such a bad idea especially in the cold weather. You can enjoy an awesome Valentine’s date indoors and get a little competitive!

Valentine's Day around DusseldorfPhoto Credit: Glowing Rooms – Yaba’s Canyon


Sip Cocktails at the Me and All Hotels Rooftop Bar

This one came as a surprise to me too. I have no idea that there was a rooftop bar in Düsseldorf and if I had of known, I would have already been there by now. There’s nothing more romantic than an aerial view of the city while sipping on cocktails. Check out the top floor lounge at Me and All Hotels in Düsseldorf.

Valentine's Day around DusseldorfPhoto Credit: Me and All Hotels Düsseldorf 


Go Indoor Skiing at the JEVER FUN Ski Hall

If you’ve never heard of this place before, you’ve probably seen it without knowing what it was. It is that big building that looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere when you’re driving along the autobahn past Neuss. The JEVER FUN Ski Hall is an indoor ski slope for skiing and snowboarding.

Valentine's Day around Dusseldorf


Take a Romantic Flight around Düsseldorf

There’s an app called Wingly which was created with a similar idea to BlaBlaCar. It is an app for plane sharing, but it’s actually not as expensive as you may have thought. There are numerous flights departing from Essen and Cologne that are simply sightseeing tours, while others offer quite literally an alternative to driving in traffic, taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

Cool, huh? 

Valentine's Day around Dusseldorf


Give Blood

There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by showing you care. Why not give blood? It doesn’t take long at all and you can then celebrate afterward with a romantic dinner out and a glass of wine.

There are a variety of places you can donate blood in Düsseldorf including the university clinics and the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross).

Valentine's Day around Dusseldorf


Take a Cooking Class

Cooking classes are fun and educational and the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Why not learn about the Italian dishes of love on an exclusive Cook on Demand course by La Cucina di Casa?

Valentine's Day around DusseldorfPhoto Credit: La Cucina di Casa

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas on what you could do for Valentine’s Day around Dusseldorf? Leave your comments in the comment section below!

Photo credit goes out to Alex Pal, a Greek expat in Düsseldorf and an incredible photographer. If you’re interested in hiring a photographer in the area, Alex does head shots, weddings, baby showers, you name it! 

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