Top 20 New Year’s Eve Parties in Dusseldorf for 2017

By on December 7th, 2016

New Year’s Eve (or Silvester as the German’s call it) is fast approaching and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably in shambles trying to figure out where to go, what to do and how not to spend 150 Euro on a dinner and a NYE countdown.

So in order to save you time and energy, I’ve put together a list of the top events happening in Dusseldorf this New Year’s Eve (2016 leading into 2017) which include the prices, locations and links to where you can buy tickets.


Silvesterparty an den Kasematten

Where: Kasematten (along the Rhein), 40213 Düsseldorf
What: Front row fireworks, music and party
When: 6:00pm onwards
Music: Cover bands and a wide array of music along the Kasematten
Cost: Free (but some of the restaurants offer dinner packages starting at 79 Euro)


Finishing Move – Die Silvester Sause

Where: Schickimicki Club, Neustraße 51, 40213 Düsseldorf
What: Drinks and dancing in the Altstadt
When: Starts at 10:00pm
Music: Mix of rock, hip hop and a pinch of electronic
Cost: Free (arrive early if you want a spot in the bar)


Große Silvester-Party in der Mauer

Where: Mauer Club, Ratinger Straße 25, 40213 Düsseldorf
What: Welcome drink, party and dancing
When: Starts at 10:00pm
Music: DJ Andrew Reeves
Cost: 10 Euro
Tickets: At the location


Füchschenparty – Die Silvesterparty

Where: Stahlwerk, Ronsdorfer Straße 134, 40233 Düsseldorf
When: Starts at 8:00pm
Music: House, pop, charts and urban
Cost: 15 Euro / 99 Euro for VIP Ticket
Tickets: Purchase online


Pitcher Silvesterspecial  

Where: Pitcher, Oberbilker Allee 29, 40215 Düsseldorf
What: Live concert and party
When: Starts @ 8:00pm
Music: Best rock n’ roll classics of 40 years
Cost: 22,70 Euro
Tickets: Purchase online


Club Boui Boui Silvester Spezial

Where: Boui Boui Bilk, Suitbertusstraße 149, 40223 Düsseldorf
What: Raclette dinner (bring your own ingredients), fireworks and party
When: Starting @ 8:00pm
Music: Christoph Esch & Buschmann
Cost: 24,00 Euro
Tickets: Purchase online


Diamonds ‘Are A Girls Best Friend’ Silvester 2016 @Port Seven

Where: Port Seven, Franziusstrasse 7, 40219 Düsseldorf, Germany
What: Welcome drink, live acts, light show, finger food and countdown show
When: Starts @ 9:00pm
Music: R&B, house, mashup and hip-hop
Cost: 25 Euro / 55 Euro VIP tickets
Tickets: Purchase online


Cookies & Cream Silvester Deluxe

Where: Nachtresidenz, Bahnstraße 13 – 15, 40212 Düsseldorf
What: Indoor fireworks, drinks and party
When: Starting @ 8:00pm
Music: House beats, classics and R&B
Cost: Starting at 30,00 Euro (early bird)
Tickets: Purchase online


Club Elitär Silvester Party

Where: Radisson Blu Media Harbor Hotel Düsseldorf, Hammer Strasse 23, 40219 Düsseldorf-Medienhafen
What: welcome drink and live music
When: Starting at 9:30pm
Music: House Music, 80’s & Classics
Cost: 30 Euro (4-course dinner prior is sold out)
Tickets: Purchase online


CANDY Silvester 2017 in den Rudas Studios

Where: Rudas Studios Club,Zollhof 15, 40221 Düsseldorf
When: Starts @ 9:30pm
Music: R&B, house and classic with DJs Frizzo, Daze and Teddy-O
Cost: 30 Euro
Tickets: Purchased at the Rudas Studios Office


Die große BRASSERIE-Silvesterparty 2016/2017 in Düsseldorf

Where: BRASSERIE Düsseldorf, Kasernenstraße 44/ Graf-Adolf-Platz 15, 40213 Düsseldorf
What: 3-course menu and midnight champagne
When: Starts at 7:00pm
Cost: 39,00 Euro
Tickets: Purchase online


Silvester im Schlösser Quartier Bohème und Henkelsaal

Where: Ratinger Str. 25, 40213 Düsseldorf
What: Dinner buffet, champagne and party
When: Starts @ 7:00pm for buffet / starts @ 9:00pm for party
Music: Groove, Funk, Party Classics, Charts and House
Cost: 45 Euro for buffet and party / 29 Euro for party
Tickets: Purchase online


Rooftop Silvester Party 2016 in the Rheinturm

Where: Günnewig Rheinturm Restaurant, Stromstraße 20, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany
What: Music, dancing, desserts all night and drinks
When: Starts at 9:00pm
Music: House music, classics, R&B, live performances
Cost: 58,89 Euro
Tickets: Purchase online


Fresh Music Live – Die Große Silvesterparty

Where: Fresh Music Live GbR, Am Gentenberg 1, 40489 Düsseldorf
What: Buffet dinner, live acts, fireworks and dance
When: Doors open @ 6:30pm, dinner starts @ 7:00pm, party starts @ 9:30pm
Music: Classics, House, RnB
Cost: 75,00 Euro for dinner, dance and welcome drink / 40,00 Euro party and welcome drink
Tickets: Purchase online


Cocktailsilvester im Mojito’s

Where: Mojito’s, Hammer Str.29-31, 40219 Düsseldorf, Germany
What: Raclette dinner, mojitos and music
When: Dinner starts @ 7:30pm, Party starts @ 9:30pm
Music: DJ Paytric and live percussions
Cost: 79,00 Euro for dinner and dance / 25,00 Euro party and welcome drink
Tickets: By phone at 0211-1682210 or by e-mail at


Silvesterbuffet 2016/2017 im Casa Loslocos Restaurant

Where: Casa Loslocos Restaurant, Ludenbergerstr. 39, 40629 Düsseldorf
What: Buffet (wine and beer included), dance and champagne reception
When: Starts at 7:00pm
Cost: 69,00 Euro online / 79,00 Euro at the door
Tickets: Purchased at Casa Loslocos Restaurant


Sweet Heaven Casino Royal @ Ufer 8  

Where: Ufer 8, Rathausufer 8, 40213 Düsseldorf
What: Casino night, fireworks, dinner (wine and beer included) drinks and party
When: Dinner starts @ 7:30pm / Party starts @
Music: House music, classics and R&B
Cost: 89 Euro dinner and party / 25 Euro party
Tickets: Purchase online


Apanage Dine and Dance in Victorian

Where: Victorian Restaurant, Königstraße 3a, 40212 Düsseldorf
What: Elegant dining and dancing
When: Dinner starts @ 7:30pm / Party starts @ 0:00
Music: Clubbing with DJ Kaj Marx from midnight
Cost: 99 Euro dinner, party and welcome drink / 25 Euro party and welcome drink
Tickets: Purchase at location


Silvesterparty im Theater der Träume in Düsseldorf

Where: Theater der Träume, Koppersstraße 5, 40549 Düsseldorf-Heerdt
What: Brazilian dancers, show acts on stage, fireworks, buffet dinner and drinks
When: Starts at 7:30pm
Music: Latin rhythms
Cost: 130 Euro (dinner and show)
Tickets: Purchase tickets


Silvestergala 2016/2017 “Rock’n’Roll & Petticoat”

Where: Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf, Maritim Platz 1, 40474 Düsseldorf
What: Dinner buffet (includes wine and beer), show, live band, dance, indoor fireworks and champagne
Cost: 196 Euro
Tickets: Call: 0211 5209-1105 / Email:


There you have it, 20 awesome 2016/2017 New Year’s Eve parties in Dusseldorf. Now the task is up to you, which one will you choose?



Jenna Davis
Düsseldorf, Germany

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Im Oktober 2017 ist es soweit -„Michael Jackson – The Symphony Experience“ kommt wieder auf die Bühne!

Events und Angebote Düsseldorf ist nicht der Veranstalter der hier beschriebenen Veranstaltung, sondern vermittelt lediglich den Zugang zu Tickets.

Michael Jackson gilt als größter Popstar aller Zeiten – und noch nie hat jemand live seine Musik mit Klassik vermengt. Noch nie? Doch: Im Juni 2016 stieg in der Berliner Mercedes-Benz-Arena zum ersten Mal die Show mit dem Titel „Michael Jackson – The Symphony Experience“. Mit einem Orchester aus 70 Musikern und einem Dutzend Sängern feierte das spektakuläre Event seine Premiere. Rund 4.000 Besucher strömten in die Arena und sahen eine zweistündige Show mit 22 Hits aus der Feder von Michael Jackson – umgesetzt als Mix aus Pop und Klassik. Mit dabei, sind die größten Chart-Erfolge „Heal the World“, „Thriller“, „Man in the Mirror“, „Billie Jean“, „Beat it“ und viele mehr.

Bereits bei der Premiere in Berlin war schnell klar: Das ist zu gut, um es nur ein einziges Mal auf der Bühne zu haben und dann in der Versenkung verschwinden zu lassen. Michael Jackson und Klassik, das passt. „Es war ein Abend voller Zauber“, fasst Organisator Sebastiao Pembele zusammen und drückt damit genau das aus, was die Besucher fühlten.

Extra für die Shows kommt erneut das Isaiah Symphony Orchestra zusammen, das sich im Rahmen der ersten „Michael Jackson – The Symphony Experience“ gefunden und gegründet hat. Auch großartige Sänger werden dabei sein. Bisher haben die Soul-Sänger Mic Donet und Rino Galiano zugesagt, eine Sängerin soll noch dazu kommen. Es ist aber keine Las-Vegas-Show, keine Imitation.

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