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15 Types of Insurance in Germany You Can Buy

By on February 29th, 2016

I’m sure you’ve heard this joke before, “Germans have insurance for everything”. If you’ve never heard of it before, I promise I’m not making it up, there are plenty of others who have already vouched for me. While it is quite the statement, it is actually (almost) true.

In case you’re interested in obtaining some wildly unheard of types of insurance in Germany, this list will either make you giggle or intrigue you to consider some new insurances while you’re living here.


Disability Insurance

Insuring that you can still receive an income in the event of disability.


Car Insurance

Insuring that you and your vehicle are protected in the event of an injury or car accident.


Health Insurance 

Insuring that whatever illness you might get, you’ll receive coverage for the medical bills and hospital visits.


Life Insurance

Insuring that in the event of death, an insurance company will pay the appropriate sum of money to the pre-selected beneficiary.


Homeowners Insurance

Insuring your home and contents in the event of a fire or other possible ways of damage.


Personal Liability Insurance

Insuring that when your insurance runs out, there is another insurance policy in place.


Private Liability Insurance

I still haven’t been able to properly differentiate this one to others. Message me if you have.


Renter’s Liability Insurance

Insurance in the event of a natural disaster or theft or water damage or bodily injuries… from what I understand, it’s anything that happens in your rental house.


Legal Insurance

Insuring you in the event of legal action. This one is actually highly recommended for international residents.


Work Insurance

Insuring you in the event of being laid off, fired or when unexpected problems happen in the workforce.


Travel Insurance

For when you miss a flight or run into health troubles abroad. This one is always a great idea!


Household Insurance

In the event that something in your house gets damaged.


Pet Insurance

In case your animal gets into a brawl and needs someone to bail them out.


Bike Insurance

This is actually very practical in cities like Dusseldorf where people’s bikes get stolen every day.


Unemployment Insurance

In the event that you are unemployed, this insurance will make sure that you’re provided with enough social welfare to get by.


While we may think that some of these insurances in Germany are unnecessary, others require an actual insurance advisor to organize all their insurances. Better safe than sorry, right?

Though you should not take these lightly. There are some insurances that you should purchase immediately including some of the most important: car insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, disability insurance and life insurance.

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    March 17, 2017

    And insurance Brokers are free of charge! Ask me if you want to know more!