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Weekend Getaway: Exploring Industrial Duisburg

By on March 2nd, 2016

While Duisburg may make the perfect weekend getaway for Düsseldorfers, it can also make the perfect day trip! It is only half an hour away (30 kms) and a one way tram line from the Düsseldorf HBF.

We’re in a day and age now where the quote “a picture is worth a thousands words” really stands strong among all else. Words are just words unless they’re said by someone great, someone powerful and someone believable. 

Duisburg is a place which cannot be described better than it can be amplified through imagery.

In order to show you the beauty and uniqueness behind the cities culture I figured a black and white photo series was a neat way to show you why you should add Duisburg to your travel adventures through Germany.

One of Germany’s wonderful cities in North Rhein Wesphalia and home to the world’s biggest inland harbour. Duisburg is one of the largest cities in Germany and is an extremely important place for global steel production.

If you’re a photographer, a city traveller, a fashion forward thinker, an artist or an appreciation for the unique things in life… I promise, you will love Duisburg.

Innenhafen Duisburg

In the center of the city is the Innenhafen located along the river Rhein. We spent a couple hours walking along the harbour watching the boats pass by and venturing into the city center for some shopping. The Innenhafen is home to quite a few museums and monumental architecture that will leave you wow’d.

Duisburg Duisburg Duisburg

The City Sights

There is something magical about the city sights of Duisburg. Though known for its industrial appeal, the city skylines are absolutely beautiful lit up in the nights sky. Coming from a sustainable point of view, though the industry itself is not extremely eco-friendly, the tourism in this city is bang on.

Duisburg 1Duisburg Duisburg Duisburg

Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain [by day & night]

Tiger and turtle was once a hill of contaminated soil now covered and landscaped to provide one of the cities famous sites. A winding path of 2.7 kilometers leads you up to a beautiful view of the city and a stroll along the Tiger and Turtle steel structure. Tiger & Turtle is the award winning sculpture and the landmark for the Ruhr Metropole 2010.

Duisburg 2Duisburg Duisburg

Rhein Park

Running by the Rhein Park is the 903 industrial line, this should be your cue to hop on out and explore the greenery of the city. The park is used for festivals and sports and nice strolls along the river way. If you’re looking for a place to escape it all, sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful view along the Rhein, then this is your spot.

Duisburg Duisburg Duisburg

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Filled with industrial culture and artistic venues Landschaftspark is a wonderful place for people of all ages and all interests. Across 2 hectars of land and filled with many activities including a climbing park, old bunkers, old gasometers used for scuba diving, sommerkino and climbing stairs to the industrial sites. The entire park is illuminated in different colors by night.

Duisburg Duisburg

I like to explain Duisburg as the ‘real’ Berlin or Budapest. Nowadays we see upcycling, ruin pubs and hipster lifestyles taking over the globe. If only people knew more about this city. This industrial city has hundreds of incredible old buildings and architecture you won’t see anywhere else.



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