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6 Awesome Düsseldorf Souvenirs For Your Loved Ones

By on July 1st, 2016

Forget the Oktoberfest beer steins and the Blackforest cherry hats, Düsseldorf has tons of cool souvenirs to bring home for your loved ones. You can certainly get a little more unique than a plastic pretzel or a package of sausages.

So next time you’re visiting Düsseldorf or heading home to see the family, consider buying one of these 6 awesome Düsseldorf souvenirs!



1. A Cartwheel Man

You’ve likely seen this cartwheel man all over the city, but don’t really understand for what reason. Do you need a reason though? It’s a pretty unique piece in itself. You can get these little cartwheel men on bags, magnets, mugs, you name it! They’re also quite easily found all over the city at local souvenir shops.

But you need to know the story now that you’re reading this post, so here it is.

The original cartwheel man comes from a legend that hasn’t really been confirmed by anyone. Apparently during the battle of Worringen in 1288, the Count of Berg, Adlof VIII, won against the Archbishop of Köln. After the battle had been won, Düsseldorf claimed the city rights and the entire town celebrated by cartwheeling down the streets.

There’s a few more legend’s out there, but I’m telling you this one because it seems like the most reputable story.

Düsseldorf Souvenirs


2. Fortuna Soccer Gear

Because if there’s any soccer lovers in your family, you’re going to have to pursuade them into cheering for Fortuna Düsseldorf. We won’t talk about what league they play in or the level of füßball played, but hey, it’s a souvenir right?!

The Fortuna Düsseldorf fan shop is located on the corner of Burgplatz next to Gut & Gerne (my favorite hot chocolate spot in the city).

Fortuna Düsseldorf’s been around since 1895 and play at our local Esprit Arena (in case you were curious).

Düsseldorf Souvenirs


3. Löwensenf Mustard

There’s a little shop along Bergerstraße in the Altstadt of Düsseldorf which is often quite missed due to the size, but it’s an awesome shop to explore and I always make a point to bring my visitors there every time.

Löwensenf Mustard is a German company originally founded in Metz in the year 1903 but then relocated to Düsseldorf in 1920. Why? After WWI, Metz was given back to the region of Alsace, France and was no longer German territory. You can’t take the mustard out of Germany!

Despite the rich history of this local mustard, there’s tons of different flavors to choose from and they’re absolutely delicious (coming from a girl who really does not like mustard). My favorite is their current 2016 special “Jan Wellem” made with white wine and mushrooms!

Düsseldorf Souvenirs


4. Killepitsch

If you don’t know what Killepitsch is yet, you’re going to have to try it. I’m laying the claim that it actually tastes better than Jagermeister (especially when it’s frozen). Killepitsch is a local Düsseldorf herb liquor. It is 42% alcohol and contains more than 90 different types of herbs, spices, fruits and berries.

If you’re walking around the Altstadt stop off at the Et Kabüffke Killepitschstube (a local bar and souvenir shop selling ice cold shots to enjoy while you’re there).

Düsseldorf Souvenirs


5. Krumme – Sour Cherry Schnapps

Germans do love their alcohol don’t they? Krumme is a local sour cherry schnapps. If you’re not interested in swigging back strong shots of Killepitsch, you might enjoy Krumme. Krumme is only about 15% alcohol and has been enjoyed for more than 30 years by Düsseldorf locals.

You’ll find Krumme is just about any local kiosk so don’t worry about having to galavant around the Altstadt to find it.

Düsseldorf Souvenirs


6. Altbier

Düsseldorf is home to quite a few local breweries, all of which can be found over on our blog post about the 5 Must Visit Home Breweries in the City.

Altbier is a type of beer only brewed in the city of Düsseldorf (and as a Düsseldorfer now, you should always be making the claim that Altbier is better than Kölsch bier). Altbier in English means “old beer” and is usually much darker in color. I wouldn’t mistake an Altbier with any other dark lager or Guiness type beer – there’s really not much chocolate or coffee nodes in there. However, it is certainly delicious!

Head to a local convenience store or grocery story if you’re looking to take some home with you!

Düsseldorf Souvenirs

What else would you add to the list as a Düsseldorfer? Are there any souvenirs that you’ve brought home and were a total success with the friends and family? Let us know in the comments below! 

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