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CineStar’s Sneak Previews on Brand New English Movies

By on October 2nd, 2017

Remember when we shared the Beginners Guide to finding English Language Movies in Düsseldorf? A number of you were asking for some tips and tricks on finding an original version (OV) English language film on a daily basis.

Curious, yet too lazy to read the full post? Here’s a good trick: Head to and you’ll have the opportunity to filter through all OmU and OV films (all Düsseldorf Theatres are included in the search).

CineStar Düsseldorf is one of many theatres in the city that offer OV and OmU films, but they also do something a little different to help welcome English speaking guests to the city.


Cheap sneak previews on Brand New English Movies

While this promotion is no secret, the movies remain top secret.


I’ve only recently discovered this awesome deal and was excited to share it with all of you as well.

CineStar Düsseldorf opens their doors every Wednesday evening at 8:15 PM to locals who would like to discover the excitement of not knowing what they’re watching in the next few minutes, in English.

The genre is always different, but the films are always some of the best new releases from around the world. You won’t know what you’re watching until the lights dim and the screen turns on.

The best part? It’s cheap. 

Whether you’re a spender or a frugal saver, who doesn’t love saving a few Euros on their entertainment expenses for the month? Instead of paying full price, you’ll be paying the top-secret price. The price is currently set at 5,50 Euro per person, but of course, prices are always subject to change so double check the website to confirm pricing details.

Happy movie binging! 

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