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5 Ways to Explore Düsseldorf in One Weekend

By on March 3rd, 2016

Well it’s certainly not easy to explore Düsseldorf in one weekend, but it can be done. Düsseldorf is filled with incredible art museums, shopping streets and cultural hubs. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch one of the cities famous events taking place (Japan Day, Karneval, Weihnnachtsmarkt, etc.)

So here’s my tips to explore Düsseldorf in One Weekend!

1. Panoramic Rhine River Cruise on the KD

Guided tours aren’t always a blast, sometimes you can get stuck with an awkward group, a guide that doesn’t speak your language well or worst, a tour that is way overpriced for what it was worth. The Panoramic Rhine River Cruise on the KD is none of the above. Do I need to explain more beyond the title? Anything with the word ‘panoramic’ in it… count me in! This is a beautiful and relaxing ride along the river with an audio guide giving you small updates about important buildings and landmarks along the river. You can also get yourself a bite to eat or a cold beverage on board the boat! Tours start at 9.50 euros per person.

explore Düsseldorf

2. Dusseldorf City Tour Hop on Hop off

Surely you’ve heard of ‘hop on, hop off’ before, and if you haven’t… well then start traveling more!  This is without a doubt one of the best ways to see a city in one day. On more than one occasion I have visited places for only a day or two and the hop on, hop off tours is what gives me a good base to still be able to write a blog or two. In Dusseldorf the tours start at just 11 euros and offer you a full scope of what the city has to offer. The reason I prefer hop on, hop off tours to any other is because you have the ability to just jump off when you want to visit something by foot. Let the guide spark your interest and hop off when you’re ready.

explore Düsseldorf

3. Dusseldorf by Bus & Bahn with the Dusseldorf Card 2014

Usually my go-to plan in any city if I find out that everything is far too overpriced is simply taking the bus, tram and train around the city. With the Dusseldorf Card 2014 you have full access to all three along with many discounts to other sight seeing activities, food and shopping! You can purchase individual or family tickets starting at just 9 euros per person. For 9 euros, 24 hours of full transportation and a range of wonderful opportunities to explore the city, I wouldn’t think twice about getting this card!

explore Düsseldorf

4. Dusseldorf by Bike Tour

If you haven’t figured it out from my previous blog posts, biking is a fairly popular past time activities for the Germans and many tourists across the country. Dusseldorf has many different bike rental companies across the city which can offer you rentals for 12 – 15 euros. One in particular I would like to mention because a. it’s perfectly located and b. the price is much better! The Radstation ZWD Dusseldorf is located in the main train station of Dusseldorf (which is typically where most tourists will arrive from). For 24 hours, you are able to rent a bike for only 10 euros. There are also cheaper options like 4 euros for 2 hours. Most places will make you rent the bike out for the full 24 hours at a price no cheaper than 12 euros so definitely check out Radstation if you’re interested in biking through the city. **and be careful of all the cars – I couldn’t deal with the stress of traffic**

explore Düsseldorf

5. Meet a friend with a car

The fifth secret to explore Düsseldorf fast is making friends with someone who has a car! My boyfriends family lives in Dusseldorf so his father was kind enough to take me around to some of the hidden spots in Dusseldorf like their flower/plant manufacturing facility and the old city of Hamm. Friends in different countries is always a huge benefit, so don’t be afraid to socialize a little!

explore Düsseldorf

What other speedy ways have you come up with the help your family and friends to explore Düsseldorf? Leave your comments below!