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10 Amazing Things to do around Düsseldorf for your Bachelor Party

November 2, 2017

Dusseldorf is a surprising success story when it comes to bachelor parties. There are plenty of German cities frequented by stags from the UK, including Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. But Dusseldorf is rising in popularity and its location, combined with the many things it offers, makes it easy to see why.

So forget about the basic Bolkerstrasse, costumes and beer chugging, check out these ten new and unique things you could be doing instead, that has more and more bachelor weekends booking their plane tickets to Dusseldorf every passing month.

We had the guys over at The Stag Company give us their expert tips on the best ways to celebrate in Düsseldorf, check it out! 


Go Karting

Germany is a car lover’s mecca and Dusseldorf offers so many activities based around the combustion engine. Go Karts are a bachelor party staple and in Dusseldorf, the local track is named after the greatest racing driver in history and local boy Michael Schumacher. This will give the stag groups that extra motivation to race each other. Competition is always a strong element of a stag party’s weekend away. The Michael Schumacher Go Kart center offers a venue for them to do just that and blow off some steam.


Bubble Football

We all know about Germany’s prowess at football and none more so than the Brits. They have lost a fair amount to their rivals and are still bitter about all those penalty shootouts. In Dusseldorf you get the chance to win a football match in Germany, but with a twist. Bubble football is a wacky activity where players are surrounded by a zorb-like bubble. This allows them to not only have the confidence to run into people but also to take a hit. The collisions can look hilarious and once you chuck a football into the mix it becomes pure chaos. Perfect for a bachelor party then!


Hotrod Tour

Seeing Dusseldorf is a must when you spend money on coming over for a weekend. You don’t just want to come over for a few cheaper pints. Having said that a stag weekend is filled to the brim with things to do so it can be difficult to find the time to walk around an entire city and taking in your location. That is where a Hotrod Tour comes in. This would be a fantastic activity on its own. Whizzing around the city in your own car, just driving it is a thrilling experience. But the Hotrods are also a fantastic way to see Dusseldorf in just an hour. Stag groups will love immersing themselves in this German city whilst also experience why Germany is such a fantastic place to explore from the road.


Indoor Ski and Après Ski

Dusseldorf boasts one of Europe’s most exciting leisure options with an impressive indoor ski center, Jever Fun Ski Hall. While you may be well away from the Alps here in West Germany that doesn’t mean you can’t ski. And when you can ski, you can also Après Ski! Yes, you can party in the snow even in Dusseldorf. The bachelor and his friends will ski during the day and then take the party into the early morning with all the traditional elements of an Après Ski like a cold beer and Schnitzel!


Beer Bike

If the stag partiers really don’t want to miss out on any of the party while sightseeing, then a beer bike is the best of both worlds. This human-powered bike machine is propelled by the stags themselves and will be directed around all of Dusseldorf’s top destinations. While they pedal, they will also be served beers, and this is what keeps the party going. We are sure that sports nutritionists would not advise beer as a way to rehydrate a cyclist, but this is a bachelor weekend after all!


Bar Crawl and Nightclub

It would not be a bachelor weekend without a good old-fashioned bar crawl and Dusseldorf does not disappoint. Any stag location must have a good nightlife scene and Dusseldorf has it by the bucket full. Add to the equation this is the birthplace of Kraftwerk and a leader in Electronic music then the lucky group will also be spoilt for music to go along with their drinks. The Stag Company offers a night with three fancy bars, ending in a strip club to make it a night out deserving of the grooms last night of freedom.


Steak Night

When you have got a large group of guys who will be up all night and busy all day, they are going to need some sustenance. Dusseldorf has plenty of places you can go for a feast, but the Steakhouse Maremma in the center of the city is built for a stag party. The menus have huge steaks, as well as some posh nosh like lobster and crab. A stag group will be able to fuel another day of carnage once they eat here.


Sky Bar

If you’re a stag group looking for a bit more sophistication, then Dusseldorf can accommodate that too. The View is a bar in the sky with incredible views over the city and the Rhine. If you’re into your cocktails, then you will be spoilt for choice and the service is second to none. Marvel at the skills of professional mixologists as they serve up drinks that will blow your socks off. Your taste buds will never be happy again.


Cocktail Making

If the stags are not satisfied with having their cocktails made for them and fancy a bit of DIY on their weekend in Dusseldorf, then they can always take a cocktail making class at Bar Alexandra on Merowingstrasse. The bachelor party will learn all they need to, to make the perfect cocktail. Doing something like this on a weekend away means you will actually return from the weekend with a new skill to show off to friends and family. Most just return with a sore head!


Drift Trikes

Keeping the automotive theme going, one of Dusseldorf’s coolest activities are Drift Trikes. The three-wheeled little monsters are actually designed to purposely drift. Stags will be able to race against their friends, and those who love the adrenaline rush of crashing will not be disappointed. It is similar to go-karting, but drifting puts a whole new element of skill needed when driving. Only those with the steadiest hands will win.


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