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The Best Websites to Find an Apartment in Düsseldorf

By on June 7th, 2018

New to Düsseldorf? Looking for an apartment (or as many Europeans say: “a flat”)? Well, the easiest part about finding an apartment is sourcing a reputable website to start looking.

While there are a few English language websites that offer apartment rentals in Düsseldorf, you may often notice that they’re charging more for their rentals. Why? Well, they’re catering to expats and English speaking internationals, why not? 

If you want to find an apartment in Düsseldorf and pay the same price as a local, then you’re going to need to start searching for an apartment in German. But, fear not! It’s quite easy to do so when you’ve learned a few words of rental vocabulary, which I’ll get you started on after I share with you a list of the best websites to start searching for your dream apartment.


The best websites for apartment rentals

The best social media sites to find apartment rentals


The best websites for student apartment rentals

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Learning the rental vocabulary 

Once you’ve found yourself a few apartments you’d like to take a look at, you’ll need to contact the landlord or rental company to inquire about viewing the apartment (now would be a good time to ask if someone speaks English who might be able to help you, or better yet, bring a German along)!

German Word

English Translation



Communal living

A shared accomodation in which every tenant has their own room, but shared common rooms (kitchen, bathroom, living room).


Cold rent

The cost of the living space without additional costs added (essentially what the apartment would costs cold, without running water, electricity, etc.)


Rent including heating

The cost of the living space with heating (this often excludes electricity and internet – you will likely have to organize these costs yourself).


Additional costs

The costs of all the additional expenses that you add on top of the cold rent fee.



Zimmer (Zi.)



Size of living area



The perimeter (in km’s) you are willing to look for a living space.


Drive time






Apartment (not house)

Bezugsfrei ab…

Vacant from…

The date that the living space will become available.


Built-in kitchen

Most apartments come without a kitchen, so if you read “mit Einbauküche”, then the apartment will come with the kitchen.

Etage (.OG)

Floor level

The floor level in which the apartment is located on. The ground floor is (EG) the first floor up is 1 OG., the second floor up is 2 OG., etc.


Old building


Newly built

Erdgeschoss (EG)

Ground floor


Parking space


Fully furnished


Here are a few other guides that might help you out along the way: 

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